Southport Airshow 2020

Southport Airshow 2020

September 11th - 13th

The Strikemaster pair in 2019

The Southport Airshow retains a September date in 2020 after trying a July slot in 2018. There is usually flying at dusk on Friday but show details have not yet been confirmed for 2020.

As well as the flying programme, expect be plenty of things to do on the ground including flight simulators, static aircraft, wall-climbing and assault courses.

Due to fly
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints

About Southport

Southport, Merseyside, is on the coast of the Irish sea, not far from Liverpool. There is a very deep expanse of sand. As well as the sand, another backdrop for the displays is the very old but modernised Southport Pier, the second longest pleasure pier in Great Britain.

Southport is unusual in three respects. Firstly, because the beach is so deep there are displays over the sand, whereas at other seaside shows the aircraft would always be over water. The second novel feature is that Southport charges, so you have to buy tickets to get the best views. Southport has managed to make this work, unlike unsuccessful charging experiments at seaside shows elsewhere. Thirdly, some light aircraft land on the beach before the main displays, so there are ground aircraft movements, whereas at other seaside shows all displays would fly in and fly out.

Southport Airshow 2019

September 6th - 8th

The Strikemaster pair are due to display on Saturday and Sunday

The Southport Airshow moves back to its September slot for 2019 after trying a July date in 2018. Flying at dusk on Friday will include the Royal Navy Black Cats, who will also display during the daytime over the weekend.

The Red Arrows are regulars at Southport but they will not display in 2019 as they will be on tour in the USA and Canada at the time of the show.

The show is, nevertheless, turning out to be quite a stunner with some unusual and very exciting displays including both the Viggen and the Tunnan from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, the T-33 'Shooting Star' from the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, the Strikemaster pair, Richard Goodwin and a generous contribution from the RAF comprising the Typhoon, Tutor and Tucano and the BBMF Dakota, Spitfire and Hurricane. The Royal Navy Black Cat solo display will also be at Southport, one of only six shows in the UK to have their display in 2019. The flying displays are summarised in the table.

As well as the flying programme, there will be plenty of things to do on the ground including flight simulators, static aircraft, wall-climbing, assault courses and a diving tank.

Expected Times
19:30Black Cats
13:00Tigers Army Parachute Display Team
13:25Richard Goodwin Pitts
13:38Black Cats
13:47Strikemaster Pair
14:01Fireflies Aerobatic Team
14:13The Blades
14:31Otto The Helicopter
14:42Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers
15:39Gazelle Squadron
15:51T-33 Shooting Star
16:01Saab Tunnan
16:11Saab Viggen
16:21P-47 Thunderbolt
13:00Tigers Army Parachute Display Team
13:27Richard Goodwin Pitts
13:40OTTO The Helicopter
13:50P-47 Thunderbolt
14:20Fireflies Aerobatic Team
14:32The Blades
14:50Black Cats
14:59Saab Tunnan
15:09Saab Viggen
15:19Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers
15:55Gazelle Squadron
16:07T-33 Shooting Star
16:17Strikemaster Pair
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints
Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Dakota (BBMF) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Spitfire & Hurricane (BBMF) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Black Cat (solo) (RN) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Grob Tutor (RAF) (Sat & Sun)
RAF Tucano (Fri, Sat, Sun)
BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane (Fri, Sat, Sun)
The Blades (Sat, Sun)
Strikemaster pair, G-SOAF and G-RSAF (Sat, Sun)
T-33 Shooting Star (Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron)
Fireflies (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Saab J35 Draken (Swedish Air Force Historic Flight) (Sat & Sun) Cancelled
Saab J29 Tunnan (Swedish Air Force Historic Flight) (Sat & Sun) (replaces Draken)
SAAB AJS37 Viggen (Swedish Air Force Historic Flight) (Sat & Sun)
Tigers Parachute Display Team (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Gazelle Helicopter pair (Sat & Sun)
Republic P-47 ThunderboltRepublic P47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie' (Sat & Sun)
Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers (Sat & Sun)
Brendan O'Brien & Otto the helicopter (Fri, Sat & Sun)
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints
2017 Buchon

The Buchón will fly in formation with The Old Flying Machine Company's Spitfire

This will be the 26th Southport Airshow, which has been an annual event since 1991. The displays represent the normal seaside mix of military and civilian aircraft including warbirds, light aircraft, aerobatics and jets. On the ground enjoy static aircraft, children's entertainment, simulators, trade and military displays.

There is also due to be an evening programme on Friday 15th. The planned Friday dusk programme in 2016 had to be cancelled because of atrocious weather, so this will be a first for Southport.

The Red Arrows will not be able to display this year because they will be on an overseas tour but the RAF are otherwise attending in strength with the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Tutor display team, who have returned to the airshow circuit after a break in 2016. It was feared at one stage that the BBMF would not be able to display because of a problem with their Merlin-engined aircraft, but these, including the Lancaster, are now being returned to flight and the Lancaster is expected at the show.

Another highlight would have been the Sea Vixen but 'Foxy Lady' was damaged in a wheel-up landing at Yeovilton following a display at Duxford in May and is unlikely to fly again before 2019. Family favourites, a Breitling Wingwalker, will be there, however, and look out for spectacular night entertainment on Friday with the Tigers Parachute Display Team and aircraft lit with LEDs, releasing fireworks in flight.

Aircraft due to fly (tap / hover over icon for more detail)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane.
Saturday and Sunday
B-17G 'Sally B'
Vampire pair
Turbulent Team

Hispano Buchón and Spitfire in formation
Mustang 'Tall in the Saddle' (Hangar 11)
Team Raven
Cancelled or withdrawn
Sea Vixen (damaged)
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints


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Getting to the Show

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Local bus services are operated by Merseytravel.

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Northern Rail operate direct services to Southport from Manchester city and airport, Bolton and Wigan. Merseyrail go direct to Liverpool airport and city. From Manchester and Liverpool there are connecting services nationwide.

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Accommodation near the show

It is best to book as far as possible in advance. This is not only because nearby hotels and guest houses tend get booked up well before the date of an airshow but also because prices can be better when you book early online.

There are plenty of booking agencies. We find that many of the well known ones are better at finding hotels from international or larger UK chains and may suggest hotels in main towns or cities quite a distance from the show site.

Expedia lists a good selection of smaller, as well as bigger, hotels and will find accommodation in villages and small towns as well as the main centres. They also give, and take, Nectar points.

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The International Hotels Group have two Holiday Inn Express hotels in Liverpool and one in Preston, all roughly 18 miles away. They also have Holiday Inn hotels in Liverpool and Preston. Premier Inn have one hotel in Southport itself and another just outside, in Ormskirk, about 4 miles away as well as two in Liverpool.

Weather for the show area

UK Met Office Forecast

A full 7 day Southport weather forecast from the UK Met Office

The Met office seven-day forecast includes maximum, minimum and "feels like" temperatures, the likelihood of rain, wind direction, gusts and visibility: the latter can have an impact on the viability of displays.

The BBC's five-day forecast has overall conditions including temperatures, UV range and a description that may help to determine how pleasant the day will be for the visitor.

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2020 Show Basics

September 11th - 13th

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