Map of UK Displays by the BBMF Lancaster

The BBMF have only confirmed which aircraft will display at some shows.
This map is based on information published by the shows and the BBMF to date.

The Lancaster may display at more shows.
We will update the map when the shows announce, or the BBMF confirm, other Lancaster display locations.

LIST of ALL 2022 UK Airshows

MAP of ALL 2022 airshows

Displays by the BBMF Lancaster at UK airshows and other public events¹
The dates are the dates of the displays by the Lancaster. The shows may also run on other days


Important. We do our best to make sure that information is accurate but there may be errors and details may not be complete. Please check with the organisers before making a journey as dates & details can change and events are sometimes cancelled. Actual appearances will be dependent on other commitments and on technical and weather conditions.


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