Little Gransden Air and Car Show

Little Gransden Air and Car Show

August 28th, 2022

RCAF Aurora

Royal Canadian Air Force Aurora made a flypast in 2022

Run by volunteers for the benefit of children's and local charities, the Little Gransden Air and Car show has grown from a small local show to one of the major UK airshows, whilst retaining its friendly, local feel.

The show had well over three and a half hours of varied flying; classic, historic and ex-military vehicles and plenty of ground attractions.

More photos and a review will be here soon.

Bucker Jungmeister

Bucker Jungmeister

Yak 3UTI

Yak 3, Bob Davy


BBMF Lancaster

Reds Duo

Reds Duo radio controlled model aircraft

Little and Large, Extra 300S and 40% model

Little and Large, Extra 300S and 40% model

More Photos

The are more and larger photos taken at the show on this page

About the Show

The show has been going since 1992, when it started as a car show with a single flying display. Now there are usually military and vintage vehicles and over three hours of flying alongside other ground attractions.

The show is organised by volunteers for the benefit of Children in Need and local charities.

Amongst the organising team are David Poile MBE (now retired from his position after 30 years with the show), renowned pilot Mark Jefferies, John Jefferies, photographer Adam Cundick, Silver Command Organiser Ollie Hope and event organiser Pip Shoobert.

BBMF Lancaster 'PA474 Leader'
Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk.Vb BM597 G-MKVB (HAC)
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 R4118: James Brown
Hawker Hurricane P2902Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 V7497
RCAF CP 140 Aurora (FLYPAST)
Supermarine Seafire G-KASX (Navy Wings) CANCELLED
Stinson Reliant displayed. Was to have been static only. (Navy Wings)
Flying Comrades, Yak Formation Team (Yak 52 (x2) and Yak 18)
Miles M65 Gemini G-AKHP (Stu Blanchard)
Global Stars
Richard Goodwin, JPIT S2SRichard Goodwin, Jet Pitts S2S
Tiger 9 Formation Team
G-Force Aeros (Little and Large)
HarvardNorth American Harvard Mk.IV 'Wacky Wabbit'
Yak 3UTI F-AZIM (Bob Davy) (late addition. Not previously listed).
Bucker Jungmeister (late addition. Not previously listed).
Airborne Pyrotechnics, Grob 109 motor glider pair G-CINO and G-OFIX (Not previously listed)
Reds Duo (model red arrows)
Miles Gemini

Miles Gemini

Stinson Reliant

Stinson Reliant

Getting to Little Gransden

By car

Use sat Nav SG19 3BP until you get close, but ignore the sat nav in favour of local directions signs as soon as you see them.


There are links to other route planners in the Travel Advice section.

By Train

The nearest station is St Neots, which is accessible by train from Peterborough (about 20 minutes) and London. St Neots is about 12Km from Little Gransden.

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Accommodation near the Little Gransden Airshow

It is best to book as far as possible in advance. This is not only because nearby hotels and guest houses tend get booked up well before the date of an airshow but also because prices can be better when you book early online.

The location is already built in to the link but please check, and change as necessary, the dates, number of rooms and number of guests.

Some More Options

There are Premier Inn hotels in St Neots, about 10 miles away, Huntingdon, nearly 15 miles from the show and Cambridge, a little further.

Travelodge have eight hotels between 7 and 13 miles away, the nearest near Chawston.

Weather for the Little Gransden area

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BBC Forecast

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2022 Show Basics


August 28th 2022

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