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 Shuttleworth Flying Festival 2019
Avro Anson and Blenheim Avro Anson Avro Anson Comet and Mew Gulls Grasshopper Lysander DH60X Moth Blenheim Spitfire Red Arrows Cirrus Moth Pan Am Dakota Pan Am Dakota interior Pan Am Dakota Controls Mew Gull replica Mew Gull Hawk Speed Six Fauvel Glider Comet Comet Piston Provost Wasp Jungmann DH51 Miss Kenya Grasshopper Grasshoppers Grasshoppers Grasshopper Fairchild Argus Lysander Lysander Gazelles Gazelles Gazelle XX436 Gazelle Lunak G Red Arrows Red Arrows Gladiator Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Pilot Comet Pilot Dodge Bailey Mew Gull Pilot Merlin
 Race Day, October 2018
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Husky Spartan Executive Mustang 'Contrary Mary' Spitfire PL983 Blackburn B2 Speed Demon Chilton DW1a G-JUJU Comper Swift Replica Comper Swift Desoutter Mk1 DeHavilland dh60 Moth deHavilland dh60x Moth Hurricane and Mustang Spitfire PL983 Martlet Midget Mustang Miles Hawk Miles Hawk Miles Magister Miles Messenger Mustang 'Contrary Mary' Chilton DW1a G-JUJU Mustang 'Contrary Mary' Napier Railton Slingsby Kite Prototype Slingsby Falcon 1 Slingsby T13 Petrel Spitfire PL983 Spartan Executive Spitfire PL983 Hurricane and Mustang Spitfire Taylor Titch Travelair Mystery Ship Turbulent D.31a Turbulent D.31
 Wings & Wheels, September 2016
Avro Tutor Bristol F2b Bristol F2b Bristol F2b Bristol F2b Catalina Comet Comet de Havilland Moth Extra Duo Hawker Demon and Tomtit Miles Magister Miles Magister Parnall Elf Comet Extra Duo
 Season Premiere 2016
Free airfix model making Avro Anson & Bristol Blenheim Calidus Autogyro Blackburn B-2 Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol Blenheim Bristol F2b Flauvel glider Global Stars Gloster Gladiator Harvard Hawker Demon & Hawker Hurricane Hawker Demon, Hawker Hurricane, Gloster Gladiator Hawker Hurricane R4118 Hawker Hurricane R4118 Hawker Hurricane R4118 Curtiss P40M Kittyhawk 'Lulu Belle' Curtiss P40M Kittyhawk 'Lulu Belle' Lunak glider Lunak glider Lysander Lysander Miles Magister Perfect Vintage Polikarpov PO2 Polikarpov PO2 Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Red Arrows Ryan Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a Red 10 arriving in Squirrel Storch Tiger Moth Tiger Moth Tiger Moth Trainers
 'Uncovered' October 2015
Vulcan XH558 Polikarpov Po-2 Avro Triplane Blackburn Monoplane Bristol Boxkite Bristol Scout Mark Jefferies BBMF Dakota de Havilland DH.88 Comet Hawker Demon Hurricane & Sea Hurricane Hurricane chasing Sea Hurricane Hurricane R4118 Hurricane R4118 Sea Hurricane Mk1b Z7015 Vulcan XH558 Inter-war Racers Seafire Sea Hurricane Triplane & Boxkite ANEC I G-EBJO de Havilland DH.88 Comet Flag by special delivery Presentation to Una Watts Piper PA-18 Super Cub G-SVAS Hawker Cygnet Hawker Cygnet Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF Percival Provost XF603 Polikarpov Po-2 Bristol F2b Bristol M1C Bristol Scout & Bristol F2b Fauvel glider Mark Jefferies North American AT-6d 'Texan' Percival Provost XL603 Provost & Texan Vulcan Vulcan Vulcan Avro Vulcan & Avro Anson Avro 504K E3273 Avro Anson Deperdussin Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a