The Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival 2021

Warbird trio flying at dusk at Revival 2019

There is usually flying at dawn and dusk

Details of Revival 2021 will be here when announced.

Message from the show about 2020

Summer is normally an exciting time at Goodwood, as we welcome hundreds of thousands of guests to our headline events. Sadly that’s not to be this year, as we have had to take the decision not to hold the Festival of Speed and Revival in 2020. While ticket holders will be given the option to roll their tickets over into 2021, or request a refund, I very much hope that they will support us in a new initiative, aimed at keeping the spirit of Goodwood motorsport alive, by joining the newly reinvigorated Goodwood Supporters’ Association (GSA).

About Goodwood

The Goodwood estate comprises the historic Goodwood House and estate, with a racecourse, park, hotel with health club, and an airfield surrounded by an active motor circuit.

The airfield, known during WWII as Westhampnett, was a busy satellite station to Tangmere and was the airfield from which Douglas Bader flew his last mission.

The airfield is situated between the south downs and The Solent, well clear of controlled airspace, and now provides flying lessons and a base for private aircraft as well as events with a flying element.

Aircraft will be listed here when known
Additionally there will be a static display in the Freddie March 'Spirit of Aviation' Concours

The Goodwood Revival

13th September - 15th September
Miss Helen

P-51D 'Miss Helen' Taking off for the dusk display on Saturday in 2019

At Revival 2019 you could see the hammer go down on a £1.5M Bugatti, watch an outdoor movie, shop 'til you drop, rock 'n' roll to really good bands, relax in the sun to soak in jazz or wartime ballads, enjoy an exhibition of minis, wonder at themed parades and watch as million-pound cars thrash around the circuit that was once Britain's primary race track. There are other Wings 'n Wheels shows but there is nothing to match Revival.

Our primary interest was in the aircraft and they didn't disappoint either. The schedule promised single warbirds at dawn each day and a duo at twilight on Saturday. In practice, a trio comprising Revival regular Spitfire MH434 and Mustangs 'Contrary Mary' and 'Miss Helen' welcomed in each day with a dawn patrol and bade farewell to departing guests at twilight on Saturday. (... continued below the information box)

The Spirit of Aviation is named after Freddie March, later the ninth Duke of Richmond, the current Duke's grandfather, and a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. It recognises his own links to aviation and Goodwood's history as an operational WWII RAF fighter base, then known as Westhampnett, situated on the very airstrip from which airmen flew from July 1940 and throughout the rest of the war.

Throughout the three days, the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation 'Concours d'Elegance' was the honey-pot enticing fans of pre-1966 aviation to some of the most fancied aircraft, many of which are privately owned and not normally seen by the public.

Unlike static aircraft parks or flightline walks at traditional airshows, there are no ropes to keep visitors back or to ruin photos. Polite notices ask the curious not to touch the aircraft but in practice many owners or their representatives are there and are very tolerant of the occasional stroke, encouraging admiration, comments or questions about their aircraft. The winning Douglas C41A was even open for inside visits over much of the weekend.

On Sunday morning judges tour each of the exhibits and talk to the owners or their representatives about the aircraft, selecting three for 'best in show' accolades.

Tim Peake

Local hero Major Tim Peake GCMG, who was born in nearby Chichester, was one of the team who judged the aircraft in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation and, from a very strong field, selected Richard Martin's 1939 Douglas C41A for the winner's garland. Second place went to Michael Fowler's 1946 Luscombe Silvaire 8E and third was David Bremner's reproduction of his grandfather's 1914-type Bristol Scout.

Richard Martin's C41A

The winning Douglas C41A

Luscombe Silvaire. 2nd place

Luscombe Silvaire

Bristol Scout 3rd

David Bremner discussing his Bristol Scout

Sheltering under Dakota

Re-enactors add to the atmosphere all around Goodwood Revival

Aircraft at Revival
A single Mustang was listed for Friday and Saturday dawn patrols; a single Spitfire for the Sunday dawn patrol and a Spitfire / Mustang duo for the dusk display on Saturday. In practice there was a bonus with a pair of Mustangs and Spitfire MH434.
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXb G-ASJV MH434
P51 Mustang 'Miss Helen'
North American P-51D Mustang 'Contrary Mary'
Static in the Spirit of Aviation enclosure
1961 Aerospatiale Alouette II
1917-type Albatros DV.a. (listed but not displayed)
Avro Anson in RAF Coningsby coloursAvro C19 Anson
1966 Beech V35B Bonanza
1944 Beechcraft D-17S Staggerwing
1914-type Bristol Scout (Replica)
1916-type British Aircraft Factory BE2e (replica)
1949 Hispano HA-1112 Buchón G-AWHK 'Yellow 10' (ARC)
1939 Bücker 131B Jungmann
1940 Bücker Jungmeister
1928 de Havilland DH60 Gipsy Moth
1931 de Havilland DH80A Moth
1933 de Havilland Tiger Moth
1939 Douglas C41A
Douglas C-47 Skytrain '19345' 'Drag 'Em Oot'
1946 Fairchild Argus III
1936 Focke-Wulf FW44J Stieglitz
1940 Hawker Hurricane Mk X (listed but not displayed)
Sea Fury T.201951 Hawker Sea Fury T.20 (listed but not displayed)
1941 Klemm 35
1946 Luscombe Silvaire
1941 North American AT-6A
1950 Pilatus P-2/06
1943 Piper L4
1939 Slingsby Petrel (glider)
1939 Stinson HW-75
1948 Temco Swift
Contrary Mary

Contrary Mary takes off for the dusk display

MH434 at dusk

Spitfire MH434

Warbird trio flying at dusk at Revival 2019

Warbird trio twilight sortie


Brooklands Trophy at Goodwood Revival

Martin Overington

Martin Overington

Martin Overington

Well-done hug from The Duke of Richmond

The Brooklands Trophy is for pre-war Bentley Sports Cars and no fewer than 29 began the 2019 race, ranging in age from a 1922 Bentley 3-Litre to a slightly less aged brace of 1930 Bentley 4½ Litre machines.

2019 is the centenary year of Bentley, a brand that dominated the 24-hour Le Mans races in the pre-war era. Cars racing at Le Mans had to begin with their roofs up and the same rule was applied at Revival 2019.

Ben Collings in his 1925 Bentley Speed won an early roof-up lead but even before the roofs had been dispensed with during a compulsory pit-stop, it was Martin Overington in his 1930 Bentley 4.5-litre 'Blower' who took over at the front, a position he held to the finish line.

The prize for finishing at the front after 20 minutes of top-class racing is a winner's garland, a cigar and a congratulatory hug from the Duke of Richmond himself.

Martin Overington

Martin Overington racing to victory in his Bentley 4½Litre 'Blower'.

D-Day Commemoration

Head of the parade, Normandy Commemoration, Revival 2019

The D-Day commemoration parade vehicles joined the track at the Lavant Straight, close to the static exhibition of a huge variety of vehicles and machinery, many of the type that took part in the Normandy landings. The massive parade thundered around the circuit, stopping at the grid where The Duke of Richmond addressed everyone gathered to admire around 90 historic vehicles and to acknowledge the part they and their personnel played in the events around D-Day.

Duke of Richmond at Revival 2019


Amphibian leading the military parade at Goodwood Revival 2019

At the head of the parade were amphibians, followed by a massive assortment from a tank, to half-tracks, to field guns, to motorcycles and umpteen armoured and troop-carrying vehicles, complete with drivers and passengers in period costume.

Following the address, a four-inch naval gun, once belonging to HMS Devonshire, fired a salute that would surely have been heard all around the racetrack.

Military vehicles, Normany Commemoration, Goodwood Revival 2019

The Goodwood Revival 2018

Blenheim formation

Blenheim with fighter escort at Revival 2016

The best garden party in the world celebrated several anniversaries in 2018. The event itself, the Goodwood Revival, was 20 years old in 2018 having started as a rather more modest event in the autumn of 1998, 32 years after the closure of the racing circuit in 1966. The occasion was marked by a daily parade of vehicles that had won races or featured in tributes over those years.

Revival also marked the 70th anniversary of Silverstone with a look back at British transport over those years. The tribute featured an Austin taxi and even a real steam engine on railway track, along with buses and other vehicles in both a static display close to the entrance and a morning parade on the racetrack. (... continued below the information box)


The Freddie March Spirit of Aviation winners:

1st: 1943 Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXb MH434
20 years ago Ray Hanna flew this Supermarine Spitfire, Mk IXb MH434, down the opening straight of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The aircraft has been on display at every Goodwood Revival since.
2nd: 1939 Westland Lysander
The restoration of this 1939 Westland Lysander was only completed a few days before Goodwood Revival.
3rd: 1943 Bristol Blenheim
Winner of the 2018 Freddie March Spirit of Aviation concours d' elegance in 2017

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, GCB, ADC
Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper, KBE
Colin McGregor
Air Vice Marshal Andrew Turner, CBE
Pauline Vahey, Goodwood Aero Club Ambassador

The aviation anniversary celebrated 100 years since the formation of the RAF in April 1918. This was marked in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours which hosted some of the most significant aircraft from aviation's last century. The Concours was not over-populated, however, featuring a relatively modest number of aircraft, compared to the normal thirty-plus. (... continued below the table)

Flying each morning
Spitfire Mk IX 'MH434'
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 'P3717'
Spitfire Mk V 'EP120'
Spitfire PR XI 'PL983'
Additionally, the following were on static display in the 'Freddie March Spirit of Aviation' near the runway
Auster AOP 5 G-AKSY
Avro Anson G-AHKT
Bristol Blenheim Mk 1 G-BPIV
de Havilland Chipmunk G-BWHI
de Havilland Chipmunk 22 G-BBMV
de Havilland 82A Tiger Moth G-ASPV
Hawker Hurricane Mk X AE977
Hawker Demon G-BTVE
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 P3886
Miles M38 Messenger 2A (Monty) G-AIEK
Miles Magister Hawk Trainer 3 G-AKAT
Miles Magister Hawk Trainer 3 G-AHUJ
North American P51D Mustang G-SHWN
North American T-6 Harvard G-TEXN
Percival Prentice G-APJB
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e G-BEZE
Slingsby T21 WJ306
Slingsby T45 Swallow BGA 1331
Sopwith Camel B7270
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IA AR213
Supermarine Spitfire Mk V EP120
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX RR232
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXB MH434
Westland Lysander IIIA G-CCOM
Aircraft in grey text were listed but were not on display

Since the first Revival in 1998 there have always been flying displays. That first event featured a famous, perhaps infamous, display by the renowned pilot Ray Hana, who flew his Spitfire MH434 at very low level along the pit straight. Regulation has calmed the displays somewhat since then but has normally allowed early-afternoon circuits by high profile aircraft. In 2017 it featured a P-38 Lightning as well as wartime fighters. In 2016 the Blenheim, escorted by four wartime fighters made regular circuits of the showground. In 2015 the Vulcan was due to display (although it departed soon after arrival because of a suspected technical fault) and in 2014 both of the world's only surviving Lancasters, one from the BBMF and one from Canada, were aviation stars of the show.

By contrast, in 2018 the display was by four warbirds; three Spitfires and a Hurricane, with no bomber to escort. The organisers had also changed the times of the displays, so instead of the peak-time sorties, the fighter circuits were limited to breakfast slots each day and a dusk display on Saturday. The reason is that spectators have to be cleared from beneath the paths of the displays to satisfy safety requirements. This is time-consuming and unsettling for people who have set up their viewing spots around the race circuit and have to move, at least temporarily, whilst the displays are underway. Moving the air displays to times before and after the main racetrack motor displays avoid that disruption. Whilst understandable, it is disappointing that the main aviation feature takes place before many people have arrived.

The table lists the aircraft that flew in the breakfast sorties and those displayed in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours d'Elegance.

Next year

The Goodwood Revival will be on 13th - 15th September in 2019.

Themed Pits

Themed pits have been a feature of Revival since 2012. This year the theme was the 70th anniversary of Silverstone.

Goodwood Revival 2017

Rain is no deterrent when the show is this good
Spitfire MH434

Spitfire MH434

Revival 2017 combines the classic motor racing atmosphere of 1966 and earlier with the best of vintage aviation.

There were three types of flying display at this year's Goodwood Revival, beginning with a 'dawn patrol' before 09.00 each day and ending with a dusk sortie on Saturday: this year involving the Spitfire and Mustang.

The main flying display was scheduled around lunchtime on all of the three days. Unfortunately the weather prevented any flying on Friday but it was clear enough on the two weekend days. This main display, as is traditional at Revival, included a greater number of aircraft than the dawn and dusk patrols. In the past, the Lancasters from the UK and Canada have taken this slot. Last year it was the Bristol Blenheim, flying with fighter escort.

This year there were four fighters in the main display; Spitfire Mk lXb MH434, Curtiss P-40C 'Lee's Hope', Goodyear Corsair FG-1D and locally-based P-51D Mustang 'Miss Helen', not in formation as in former years, but flying their own solo circuits in a distant tail-chase, affording an excellent opportunity to see some topsides as the aircraft banked near the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation. After several circuits, the fighters gave way to the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, which, although not on the original programme, gave a few of its own solo renditions of the same circuits.

Travelair and cockpit

Yes, you really can get this close

Miss Helen

Mustang 'Miss Helen'

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Goodyear Corsair

Goodyear Corsair

P-40 "Lee's Hope"

P-40 "Lee’s Hope"

As well as flying displays by vintage aircraft, the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation concours d'elegance celebrated its 10th anniversary as the event's static aircraft park for pre-1966 aircraft, showing some of the most elegant and rarely-seen machines from the history of aviation and highlighting Goodwood's rich aviation heritage. Visitors could get within touching distance of these historic machines, many of which are transported especially for the event from all over the world.


The Freddie March Spirit of Aviation winners:

1st 1943 Bristol Blenheim, John Romain
2nd 1943 Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, Sarah Hanna (Old Flying Machine Company)
3rd 1939 Spartan Executive, Nigel Pickard

Of course, it is possible to see aircraft on the ground at many airshows. Visitors can often get quite close in a 'flightline walk' or approach reasonably near the aircraft when they are positioned around an aerodrome. However, they are usually behind rails or ropes, guarded by a line of security personnel or only approachable when accompanied by a specialist guide. At Goodwood Revival there are none of those things. There are a few 'please do not touch' notices, but otherwise there is generally no barrier to really close inspection, seeing inside the cockpit and, yes, to touching many of them. There are also pilots, owners or representatives nearby who are only too pleased to talk to visitors about their craft and to answer questions. There are few opportunities, at any airshow, to get as intimate with the aircraft as there are at Goodwood Revival.

A panel including record-breaking skydiver Felix Baumgartner, who in 2012 jumped from a balloon in the stratosphere; model and aviation enthusiast Jodie Kidd; former Master of the Royal Household, Air Marshal Sir David Walker; architectural and aviation author Jonathan Glancey; former CEO and Chairman of Rolls-Royce Sir Ralph Robins and Avtrade Aviation Executive, aerobatic competitor and air show pilot Jeff Lewis judged the static aircraft.

The winner in 2017 was the only fully functional and airworthy Bristol Blenheim, the Duxford-based MkI L6739. Amongst the other aircraft on display were a 1944 Beechcraft D17 S Staggerwing, a 1942 Douglas C53, a 1939 Lockheed P-38 Lightning (in practice, this flew), two Supermarine Spitfires and Bill Charney's Red Rockette NC16S Staggerwing. Other exhibits are listed in the table.

The weather certainly didn't help the flying but racing on the track continued virtually unabated as drivers and riders thrashed their vintage, often unique motors through falling rain and standing water, sometimes losing control and sustaining damage to rare vehicles but never holding back.

As well as the racing for which the event is renowned, Revival celebrated landmark events in racing history.

One celebration was the 60th anniversary of the famous 1957 British Grand Prix at Aintree, Liverpool, in which Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks shared one of Tony Vandervell’s Vanwalls to win the first ever Formula 1 victory for a British car. Stirling Moss had a misfire so retired his Number 18 car early. Tony Brooks, who was still suffering the effects of his Le Mans crash in an Aston Martin DBR1 the previous month, was ordered to bring in his car, Number 20, and hand it over to his team-mate. Stirling Moss caught and passed the leading Maserati with 20 laps to run and went on to win by almost half a minute from three Ferraris. It was the third and final time in F1 history that two drivers had shared a victory.

Before the show, Revival founder Lord March said:

“Both Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks began their careers at Goodwood – Moss with his Formula 3 Cooper-Norton in 1948, and Brooks with his mother’s Austin-Healey in 1952. I am delighted Tony will be with us at the Revival to remember it all.”

There was also a taste of Italy at Revival as over 100 Fiat 500s took to the track early each day to celebrate 60 years since the 1957 launch of the model, complimented by Italian fashions, flavours and other Italian vehicles of the period. Even the programme seller kiosks were headlined in Italian.

There was a Scottish theme, too, including Lord March himself in tartan trousers, when Revival celebrated David Murray’s Edinburgh-based Ecurie Ecosse. The team was started by David Murray in 1951. He ran Cooper and Connaught cars in three British Grands Prix at Silverstone for himself, Leslie Thorne, Ian Stewart and Jimmy Stewart (Jackie's brother). They later used Jaguar D-types, which took back-to-back Le Mans 24 Hour victories. Three of the 11 original long-nose D-types, all run at Le Mans by Ecurie Ecosse, were in the parade at Revival, as were several other Ecurie Ecosse cars, which were piped out of the collecting area by a live pipe-band onto the track for demonstration runs on Friday and Sunday and a parade on Saturday.

Vintage racing on two and four wheels; celebrations of pre-1966 motoring highlights; the cream of pre-1966 aviation, in the air and on the ground; even a live fashion show of pre-1966 attire. There are other lookbacks to vintage motoring and aviation but Goodwood Revival remains the best motoring garden party there can be.


Judges assess the Spirit of Aviation entries

Nigel Pickard

Nigel Pickard in his Spartan 7W Executive

Supermarine Spitfire Mk lXb MH434
Curtiss P-40 'Lee's Hope'
Goodyear Corsair FG-ID
P-51D Mustang 'Miss Helen'
Lockheed P-38L Lightning (Red Bull)
Additionally, in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation static aircraft park, the following aircraft were scheduled to display. In practice, not all of them did, but the list gives a flavour of the superb aircraft Revival attracts
1937 Beech D17-S Staggerwing NC18028 (3rd in 2008)
1944 Beechcraft D17-S Staggerwing NC16S (Winner in 2012)
1943 Bristol Blenheim Mk I L6739 (Winner in 2015)
1940 Bücker BU133C Jungmeister G-BVGP (Winner in 2009)
1952 Cessna 195 Businessliner N3964B (2nd in 2009)
1949 Cessna 195 Businessliner N 159 RS (Winner in 2014)
1942 Douglas C53 LN-WND
1931 de Havilland DH60G Gipsy Moth G–ABDA (2nd in 2012)
1932 de Havilland DH53 Fox Moth ZK-AGM (Winner in 2016)
1961 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver G–DHCZ (2nd in 2011)
1945 de Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide G-AHAG (3rd in 2014)
1938 Foster Wikner Wicko G–AFJB (Winner in 2007)
1939 Gloster Gladiator G-GLAD (2nd in 2014)
1937 Hawker Demon G-BTVE (Winner in 2010)
1935 Hawker Fury MkI G–CBZP (Winner in 2011)
1934 Hawker Nimrod G–BURZ (3rd in 2010)
1939 Lockheed P-38 Lightning
1936 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AERV (2nd in 2016)
1939 Monocoupe 90A G-AFEL (2nd in 2013)
1943 North American AT16 G-AZSC
1947 North American L-17A Navion N9868H (3rd in 2009)
1938 Ryan SCW145 VH-SCW (3rd in 2016)
1939 Spartan 7W Executive NC17633 (2nd in 2008)
1948 Stinson 108-3 ‘Flying Station Wagon’ G–WAGN (2nd in 2010)
1940 Supermarine Spitfire IA AR213 (Winner in 2008 and 3rd in 2015)
1943 Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXb MH434 (2nd in 2015)
Originally scheduled to fly but withdrawn
Swordfish W5865 was scheduled by the operators to fly all days, but was unserviceable
a BBMF Hurricane was once scheduled to fly but an issue with Merlin engines in the BBMF fleet, which was still being dealt with at the time of the show, reduced the number of BBMF aircraft available to fly and at the time of the show those few were kept closer to their base at Coningsby.

Revival 2016: The best flying and motor garden party in the world

Over 150,000 visitors enjoyed Revival at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit this year, not just re-enacting but re-living the motor racing, flying, and other major events of 1966 and before.

Blenheim, Spitfire and Mustang at Revival 2016

Blenheim, Spitfire and Mustang at Goodwood Revival 2016

There was impressive flying on Friday and Sunday and all week open access to the 'Spirit of Aviation' static aircraft area where visitors could get within touching distance of over 30 vintage aircraft. On the Goodwood track there were fifteen races involving racing, sporting and entertainment celebrities and motoring tributes to Sir Jack Brabham and the 1966 World Cup win.

The tribute to the late Sir Jack Brabham came 50 years after he became the only driver in F1 history to claim the World Championship in a car bearing his own name. He raced and tested at Goodwood extensively during his career and developed a number of championship-winning cars at the Motor Circuit. A huge gathering of single-seater, saloon and sports cars encompassing his career as a driver and team owner took part in the daily on-track tribute parades during the weekend, exhibiting many of the cars with which he was involved during his career and driven by the greatest names in motor sport, including Sir Stirling Moss.

A host of superstars from the world of motor sport attended Goodwood Revival this year, including John Surtees CBE, the only man to win world championships on two and four wheels; Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss, Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell and David Coulthard, mixing it with celebrities such as Rowan Atkinson and Sir Chris Hoy.

Aviation is always a special feature of Revival. The Freddie March 'Spirit of Aviation' static park displayed around 30 aircraft including the Albatross DV, 1938 Ryan SCW145, de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk, 1934 de Havilland DH83 Fox Moth (which won the 'best in show' prize), Avro Anson and Beech G18S.

Spirit of Aviation winners 2016

  1. 1934 De Havilland DH83 Fox Moth, Reg No. ZK-AGM owned by Bruce Broady
  2. 1936 Miles M11 Whitney Straight, Reg No. G-AERV owned by Peter Bishop
  3. 1938 Ryan SCW145, Reg No. VH-SCW owned by Steve Carter

The flying programme began with a dawn Spitfire flypast at 0800 on Friday and displays by the BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, followed by the Blenheim, in its Goodwood debut, with a Spitfire and Mustang. The Saturday programme would have been virtually the same, but was cancelled because of the weather. On Sunday, as well as the dawn patrol there was a display by a BBMF Spitfire, a BBMF Hurricane, the Blenheim, the Old Flying Machine Company's Spitfire MH434 and Goodwood-based Mustang 'Miss Helen', in various combinations including a 5-ship formation. The displays were not as energetic or aerobatic as they have been in previous years, nor was the Spitfire / Mustang flying quite as close to each other, but the display circuits were plentiful, as near to the crowd as regulations allow and provided plenty of topsides.


Click for photos of this year's Goodwood Revival

Flying schedule   (tap / hover over icon for more detail)
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane on Friday 9th
BBMF Lancaster, Hurricane and 2 Spitfires were due on 10th but cancelled due to weather
BBMF Hurricane and 2 Spitfires were due on Sunday 11th but in practice one BBMF Spitfire flew

The Bristol Blenheim, Mustang 'Miss Helen' and Spitfire Mk9 MH434 were all due each day but Saturday's displays were cancelled due to the weather
Static aircraft


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