Farnborough Airshow

Farnborough Airshow, 22-26 July 2024

Farnborough Airshow 2024

Boeing 737-10

Boeing 737-10

The Farnborough Airshow is held on alternate years. The next airshow in Farnborough is due to be held on July 22 - 26.

As always, there will be dozens of pavilions hosting companies with expertise in a wide range of air and space industries.

Leaders in aerospace industries including Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and GE Aviation, will show their latest aircraft, innovations and technology.

The 2024 airshow will focus on six main themes.

Within the SPACE theme, companies and experts will demonstrate ideas and discuss topics including the exploration of deep space and opportunities for commercial enterprise beyond the restrictions of the earth and its atmosphere.

DEFENCE authorities, companies and strategists will continue to demonstrate and share their pioneering approaches to today's broadening challenges.

SUSTAINABILITY and the route to achieving Net Zero was a theme in 2022 and will continue to focus minds in 2024. The Aerospace Global Forum (AGF) will return, aiming to accelerate transition to the net-zero economy.

In the exhibition halls and in the flying and static aircraft displays, the industry will continue to showcase INNOVATION in all things aerospace.

Once, the aim of aircraft companies as to make the contemporary aircraft smarter, quicker and more efficient. Now FUTURE FLIGHT goes beyond those boundaries and explores ways to achieve Advanced Air Mobility through research, development and resulting technological advancement.

None of this can be achieved without an effective and constantly renewed WORKFORCE. It is essential that the industry closes the huge gap between the number of people in the industry and the number of people needed. Encouraging people into the STEM workforce is a critical part of Farnborough 2024 and a particular focus of Friday's 'Pioneers of Tomorrow' event, designed to inspire everyone, especially younger generations to take an interest in Aerospace.

More information about the show will be here regularly as we approach show day.

More aircraft due to display will be listed here when knownCheck the show's list
This list is subject to change.
Red Arrows BAe Hawk T1 (x9)Red Arrows (Flypast only. Monday, 22nd July only)
Airbus A321 253 XLR (all 5 days)
Airbus A330 'Yoyager' (RAF) (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs) (FLYPAST only)
ATR 72-600F (all 5 days)
Diamond Aircraft Industries DART-750 (Monday only) (also static)
Embraer 195-E2 (all 5 days) (also static)
Embraer KC390Embraer C-390 Millenium (all 5 days) (also static)
Hürjet (Turkish Aerospace) (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning IILockheed Martin F-35 (RAF) (Mon, Fri) (FLYPAST only)
RAF TyphoonEurofighter Typhoon FGR4 (RAF) (FLYPAST only) (Mon only)
TAI T625 Gökbey (Turkish Aerospace) (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
General Dynamics F-16 'Dannebrog' (Royal Danish Air Force) (all 5 days) (also static)
P-8 (RAF) (FLYPAST only) (Mon, Weds)
RAF Falcons parachute display teamRAF Falcons Parachute Display Team (Thurs, Fri)
Red DevilsRed Devils Parachute Display Team (Mon & Fri)
Black Cats (RN) (Tues - Fri)
Aerosuperbatics WingwalkerAerosuperbatics Wingwalkers (Friday only)
Rich Goodwin Pitts S2S G-JPITRichard Goodwin, Jet Pitts S2S (Friday only)
Static Display
Airbus A350 (Air India)
Airbus A220-300
Airbus A330-900 NEO
Airbus A400M (RAF)
Airbus CAPA-X
Airbus C295
Airbus Flexrotor Drone
Airbus H135M
Airbus H160
ATR 72-600
Beechcraft King Air 260C (Textron)
Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways)
Diamond Aircraft Industries DA62 MPP
Diamond Aircraft Industires DART-750 (also flying)
Embraer 195-E2 (also flying)
Embraer E-JETS Freighter
Embraer C-390 Millenium (also flying)
Embraer Super Tucano
General Dynamics F-16 'Dannebrog' (Royal Danish Air Force) (also flying)
Gulfstream G700 (Qatar Airways)
Helioperations AW139
Helioperations Sea King
Hürjet (Turkish Aerospace) (also flying)
Lockheed Martin UH-60M (Black Hawk)
TAI T625 Gökbey (Turkish Aerospace) (also flying)
Windracers Ulta-UAV

Farnborough Airshow 2022

Boeing 737-10

Boeing 737-10

The Farnborough Airshow is held every other year, on even-numbered years, alternating with the Paris Air Show. The 2020 Farnborough Airshow was cancelled because of Covid-19. There was not due to be a 2021 Farnborough Airshow because it was the turn of Paris, although that show was also cancelled. The 2022 show was therefore the first Farnborough Airshow for four years and was in its new and previously-planned five-day format.

There was no public weekend, which had been a part of the show until 2018, but there was still public access on Friday, with an emphasis on encouraging youngsters to become excited by all things aero.

As a trade show, Farnborough has plenty of exhibition and sales stands in several halls, promoting just about anything to do with aircraft manufacture, management, repair, consulting and ownership. In separate buildings, major manufacturers had their own displays. Outside, aircraft were on static display and in one session every day there were flying demonstrations.

It was noticeable that the area devoted to static aircraft was rather smaller than in previous years and that the footprint of the show was also reduced, no longer extending as far towards the western end of the runway.

The show was opened on Monday by the Prime Minister who made the right kind of promises about the future of the British Aerospace industry, and whose speech preceded flypasts by the RAF Typhoon and the Red Arrows, in what turned out to be their only appearance of the show. The recurring theme in the speeches, as in the exhibition halls, was environmental improvements, with plenty of emphasis on net-zero strategies.

On the 2022 main trade days (Monday to Thursday) there were UK and foreign military and civilian flying displays. The military displays were predominantly of Turkish aircraft, but most of the flying demonstrations were of commercial aircraft, principally from the major manufacturers Boeing, Airbus and Embraer.

Boeing displayed two aircraft. On the first three days they flew the 777X, demonstrating an astonishingly rapid take-off and almost instant ascent: a remarkable capability albeit an unlikely requirement for passenger flights. On the first four days they demonstrated the 737-10, also known as the MAX 10, equally versatile and even able to fly almost inverted. Hold on to your coffee. This version was not commercially available at the time of the show. It is a development version of the 737, making its debut at this year's Farnborough and is not expected to be available for delivery before 2025. Claimed advantages over the current 737 versions include a longer flying range, said to be an extra 200 miles. It is hoped that this, and other efficiencies such as Advanced Technology (AT) winglets will make it the most profitable 188 - 230 seat single-aisle aircraft.

Poseidon Flypast on Tuesday

Poseidon flypast


F-35 Flypast and hover

T129 Atak

TAI T129 Atak

Aerosuperbatics Wingwalker

Aerosuperbatics Wingwalker

Embraer's contribution to the commercial demonstrations was their impressive E-190-E2 'Profit Hunter', sporting a livery that included a not-too-threatening shark's mouth.

The main contributors to the military displays were Turkish Air Industries (TAI) who flew their modernised adaptation of the Mangusta, the T-129 Atak helicopter, and their Hurkus training aircraft, which was making its Farnborough debut.

Friday at Farnborough is usually dedicated to encouraging interest in aviation among younger people. In 2022 this was promoted as 'Pioneers of Tomorrow' , showcasing the very best in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and designed to give students, apprentices, graduates and young professionals considering a career in aerospace unprecedented access to the industry.

Friday was also the 'big day' for public-interest displays, with fewer commercial demonstrations and more displays of the type generally seen at traditional airshows. What a pity that the day happened to coincide with the RAF being told about a 'technical issue' with ejector seats that stopped all non-essential flights by Hawks and Typhoons. Although the issue was soon resolved, it was too late for Farnborough and resulted in the cancellation of the Red Arrows flypast on the final day. It was just unfortunate timing for the many looking forward to seeing them at the show.

After experiencing the hottest temperatures on record earlier in the week, the timing of Friday's displays also happened to coincide with a downpour, which sent some of the crowd scurrying away and left most of the rest rather wet. Although some teams, notably the Red Devils, carried on through the rain, regrettably the weather did disrupt much of Friday's flying programme.

Nevertheless persistence, or sheer determination, meant that some displays did go ahead, despite the conditions. The Black Cats are seldom seen these days, but their solo display was one of several helicopter displays, others coming from the Sioux and Scout of the Historic Army Aircraft Flight, the RAF Chinook and the TAI T-129 Atak. Amongst the fixed-wing aircraft to battle the elements were the irrepressible Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers, proving that the show, whilst trade-focussed, is not entirely devoid of family-friendly fun flying.

Leaving aside weather issues, which can happen at any show, a common debating point at and about the show is whether it is worth attending Farnborough on the Friday, purely as a flying display type of airshow. If you are local, then there is nothing to lose. Access is quite good and, although you need to book, there was no cost (in 2022, but check if you are thinking of going in another year).

Potential visitors with further to travel will probably compare this show with other, more obviously entertainment, airshows. For example, most seaside shows are free and will have more airshow-type flying. Most airfield airshows have a cost attached, so it depends how much you are prepared to pay for what would almost certainly be more airshow-typical displays.

But bear in mind, too, that Farnborough is not really geared up for traditional civilian 'entertainment' or enthusiast displays. One reason for this is its location, in a rather built-up area where safety prevents some of the more vigorous displays, limiting many, including the Red Arrows, to flypasts. In 2022 the South Korean Black Eagles were listed to fly either a reduced display or flypast and had to settle for the latter when they were not granted display authority for the more dynamic alternative.

In 2022 the sound system, which carries the commentary, was not ideally suited to public address along the whole of the crowd line. The commentary was audible and comprehensible in one area, around the refreshment village, towards the left of the crowd line as you face the runway, but to the right, where there was a sizeable crowd on most days, the sound echoed off so many buildings that the voice could be heard well enough but it was impossible to discern what was actually being said.

Farnborough is a commercial aerodrome and has to prioritize its core business. This means that aircraft will come and go according to the airport's needs, without being influenced too much by the preferences of spectators who may like to see something else. For example, on the Friday in 2022 the commentators announced, towards the end of the public air display, that there would be several interesting departures, including the American F-35 and F-15s. Many people stayed quite a while after the main display to catch a glimpse of these departures. To those waiting and watching, it was rather frustrating to have one of the aircraft that had been in the static display moved to a position right in front of a substantial portion of the crowd waiting, with engines running, for 30 minutes or so, and blocking public view, whilst the American aircraft were preparing, maneuvering and taking off.

At a traditional airshow the Air Traffic Controllers would have made every effort to make sure the crowd could witness such a spectacle. This is not a criticism of Farnborough: rather it is an acceptance that this is a commercial airport and that the Air Traffic Controllers will, understandably, give priority to its efficient running, not to the preferences of onlookers.

Having said all of that, a major advantage that Farnborough has over most other airshows is the opportunity to see commercial aircraft at close range being flown to their limits. At several airshows, a highlight is the appearance of a large passenger or cargo aircraft. The flypast of a DHL Boeing 757-236 around Beachy Head and along the crowd line at Airbourne in 2005 is still quoted after 17 years.

At Farnborough visitors can see several similar-sized aircraft being thrown around the skies in ways that you are not likely to see at other venues. It is not often that there is a chance to see a Boeing 737 almost inverted. So no, it is not a traditional 'entertainment' airshow, and you won't see fighters in traditional dynamic airshow display mode, but there will be other opportunities that occur only rarely elsewhere.

So yes, it is definitely worth visiting. Don't expect the usual, but do expect displays that are not only unusual, but even unique to Farnborough. Then you will enjoy Farnborough, not for its copying of seaside shows, which no longer happens, but for what other shows can't give you.

Farnborough 2024

The Farnborough International Airshow 2024 will be held on 22 - 26 July

Some 2022 Stats

Number of aircraft on static display: 55
Number of aircraft flying: 41
Visited by more than 74,000 professionals from 102 countries
Visitors included more than 250 official government and civil delegations


The significance of an event can sometimes be measured in terms of the support it gets from politicians, significant professionals and other dignitaries.

By that measure, Farnborough 2022 was clearly regarded as an important event, visited by, amongst others, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for International Trade, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, National Space Champion, David Morris MP and European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake.

No Russian involvement

Farnborough International suspended all Russian participation at the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow because of the situation in eastern europe.

About Farnborough

The British Army Balloon School was established at Farnborough in 1905 and on 5th October 1908 the UK's first powered flight was made here by Samuel Cody in 'British Army Aeroplane No 1'. The airfield has been involved in aviation ever since, making it the first and the longest-established active airfield in the UK.

The airfield was owned and operated by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) throughout the two World Wars and the Cold War, being used for flights, manufacturing and research & development. It was eventually declared surplus to military requirements in 1991.

TAG Aviation took over the running of the airport under contract in 1997. Under the brand TAG Farnborough Airport Ltd they have since taken over the freehold of the estate which, as well as remaining an operational airport, has become a centre of business aviation and home to some of the UK's largest aviation businesses as well as the Air Accident Investigation Branch of the Department of Transport.

Aircraft due to fly in 2022
Includes changes from the original list where known
Red Arrows BAe Hawk T1 (x9)Red Arrows (Flypast with Typhoon Mon. Red Arrows flypast on Fri cancelled)
Black EaglesRepublic of Korea Air Force 'Black Eagles' (eight KAI T-50B jets) (Flypast. Limited display not approved) (Monday, Tues cancelled, Weds, Thurs, Fri )
Chinook, RAFChinook (RAF) (Wednesday, Friday)
Spitfire P7350Supermarine Spitfire Flypast (BBMF) (Tues cancelled)
BBMF Hurricane PZ865Hawker Hurricane, flypast (unspecified) BBMF (Thurs)
Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning IILockheed Martin F-35B (RAF) (Flypast only Tues & Weds)
Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning IILockheed Martin F-35B with F-15 (USAF) (Flypast only Monday)
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF) (Flypast, Thurs)
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF) (Formation of 4 Typhoons Flypast only, Monday)
RAF Falcons parachute display teamRAF Falcons Parachute Display Team (Friday) (cancelled)
Red DevilsRed Devils Parachute Display Team (Friday)
Royal Navy Wildcat Black Cats (RN) (solo) (Friday)
RAF Grob 115F TutorGrob Tutor (RAF) (cancelled)
Aerosuperbatics WingwalkerAerosuperbatics Wingwalkers (Friday)
The Blades (pair only) (Friday)
Auster AOP9 (Historic Army Aircraft Flight) (Friday)
Agusta-Bell Sioux AH Mk1 XT131 G-CICN: Historic Army Aircraft FlightAgusta-Bell Sioux AH Mk1 (XT131 G-CICN) (Historic Army Aircraft Flight (Friday)
Westland Scout AH Mk1 XT626 G-CIBW: Historic Army Aircraft FlightWestland Scout AH Mk.1 (Historic Army Aircraft Flight) (Friday)
de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (Historic Army Aircraft Flight) (Friday)
Vickers Supermarine Spitfire PS853 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire X1X PS853 G-RRGN: Rolls Royce Heritage Trust (Thurs, Fri)
P-8A PoseidonPoseidon (RAF) Flypast only, Monday, Tues, Thurs)
TAI T129 Atak HelicopterTAI T129 Atak helicopter (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri)
TAI HurkusTAI Hurkus (Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri)
Embraer E190-E2 Tech SharkEmbraer E190-E2 Tech Shark (Mon, Tues, Weds)
Embraer KC390Embraer KC390 (Tues cancelled. Weds)
Airbus A350Airbus A350-900 (Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri)
Boeing 777XBoeing 777X (Mon, Tues, Weds)
Boeing 737-10Boeing 737-10 (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs)
Voltaero Cessna 337-H (Removed from lists in advance of the show)
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints

Farnborough Airshow 2018

Some highlights but disappointing overall

The Spanish Navy Harrier was back in 2018

The first five days of the biennial Farnborough International Airshow are a trade show, when the wares of around 600 major and smaller manufacturers of aircraft and related supplies are displayed, sold and bought. The last of those days, Friday, is "Futures Day" when youngsters are given every opportunity to become enthused by aviation and other STEM interests. At the weekend the airport is opened up to the public for a traditional airshow.

Amongst the novel exhibits in 2018 was Richard Browning, flying above the runway over the public weekend using a lightweight 'Gravity Jet Suit', described as 'a miniature Harrier aircraft' with small jet engines mounted on each arm and behind his back.

Brooklands Museum were back at the show celebrating pioneers of aviation and the First World War centenary in their 'Brooklands Museum Pavilion'. Aircraft in the pavilion included a replica Sopwith Camel, Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a, a replica of the Bleriot XI that was the first aircraft to fly across the English Channel and the Roe I Biplane: the model that was tested by AV Roe on the track at Brooklands in 1908.

Aircraft at the weekend
Airbus A350-1000 Test aircraft (All days)
Alphajet (single) (Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
Douglas DC-6BDC-6B (Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
HarrierHarrier AV-8B (Spanish Navy) (Sat, Sun)
Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair (Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
Lockheed P-38 Lightning (Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
North American B-25J Mitchell (Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
Bo105C (The Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
Bristol 171 Sycamore (The Flying Bulls) (Sat, Sun)
Bristol Blenheim (Aircraft Restoration Co) (Sat, Sun)
Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Bremont Great War Display Team (Sat, Sun)
Calidus AutoGyro (Fri, Sat, Sun)
The Blades (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Boeing 727 Oil Spill (display with Blades and static) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Spitfire MH434 (Aircraft Restoration Co) (Sat, Sun)
Sea Fury T-20Hawker Sea Fury T.20 (Navy Wings) (Sat, Sun)
Edge 540 x2 (Red Bull Air Race demo) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Mitsubishi MRJ90 (also static)
F-16C (US Army Dept of Defence) (Fri, Sat, Sun) (also static)
Red Arrows (Flypast) (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane (BBMF) (Flypast) (Sat, Sun)
Additionally the following are due to be on static display
AgustaWestland / Leonardo AW159 Wildcat
Airbus A380 (Hi Fly) (Fri - Sun)
Airbus H125 (all days)
Airbus H135 (all days)
Auster AOP.9
Avro 19 Anson (BAe Systems)
Boeing AH-64 Apache (US DoD)
Boeing 727 Oil Spill (& displaying with Blades)
Catalina (Plane Sailing)
Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog
CH-47 Chinook (US DoD)
de Havilland Chipmunk DHC-1 WK552 (Loweth Flying Group)
de Havilland Chipmunk DHC-1 WD331 (RAE Flying Club)
de Havilland Devon
de Havilland Vampire WZ507
Douglas C-47A (Aces High)
F-16C (US DoD) (also flying)
Folland Gnat T.1 (Gnat Display Team)
Hawker Hurricane Mk X
Hercules (US DoD) (TBC)
Jet Provost T.3 (Jet Provost Display Team)
Jet Provost T.5A (Jet Provost Display Team)
Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules (US Air Force)
Mitsubishi MRJ90 (also flying)
North American P-51D Mustang 'Miss Helen'
Percival Prentice T.1 VR259 G-APJB (private owner)
Rockwell OV-10 Bronco
Supermarine Spitfire Mk lX (BHHH)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26 (Private)
Tornado GR4
Westland Gazelle (Museum of Army Flying & Army Historic Aircraft Flight) accessible to visitors
Westland Sea King HU.5 XV666
Westland Wasp

Futures Day

Futures Day at the Farnborough International Airshow is designed to stimulate and encourage young people aged 11 – 21 into an exciting career in the dynamic sectors of aerospace and defence. Held on the Friday of show week, groups from schools, colleges and universities are able to visit the Farnborough International. The UK Space Agency is participating in Futures Day which is also supported by the aerospace industry and STEM institutions, ensuring an informative and engaging day.

More displays to encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) were brought to the show by the Winchester Science Centre, including its mobile planetarium, the largest standalone planetarium in the UK.

The weekend flying displays featured a demonstration by two pilots from the Red Bull Air Race. Flying Edge 540 raceplanes, Italian pilot Dario Costa and the UK‘s Ben Murphy, former Red Arrow and former member of the Blades aerobatic team, reached speeds of 370kmh as they flew around an aerial racetrack, marked out with 25-meter-high inflated plastic pylons. This was the only chance to see Red Bull Air Race aircraft in the UK in 2018. Novel though that was, a much greater highlight for many again this year was the Harrier from the Spanish Navy and a fleet of Flying Bulls fixed wing and rotary aircraft, not often seen at British Airshows.

Tim Peake was back

Hugely popular at the Farnborough Airshow 2018, Tim Peake returned to the Farnborough International Airshow in 2018. He arrived on Friday, Futures Day, and participated in a programme of events especially designed to inspire young people from school, colleges and universities. He talked at length to students about working in the space sector and his personal experience of becoming an astronaut of the European Space Agency and his mission to the International Space Station in 2015/2016. Joining him on stage on Friday was Al Worden, Command Module pilot of Apollo 15.

Tim Peake

Tim Peake

Al Worden

Al Worden

Aircraft on Trade Days
Airbus A 220-300
Airbus A330-900neo TAP (Mon – Weds)
Airbus A330-900neo Test aircraft (Mon & Tues)
Airbus A321 neo EZY (Weds)
Airbus A350-1000 Qatar (Mon – Thurs. Also static)
Airbus A350-1000 Test aircraft (all days)
Airbus A400M (Mon – Thurs) (also static)
Airbus CS-300 Test aircraft (Mon – Fri)
BAe Jetstream 31 (demos)
Beechcraft T-6C Texan ll
Boeing 727-2S2F Oil Spill (also static)
Boeing 737-700 Max
Boeing 787-8
Dornier 328 VH-PPJ (Mon - Thurs) (with parachute drop and solo)
Embraer KC-390
Embraer Legacy 500
Embraer E190-E2 Profit Hunter
Eurofighter Typhoon (flypast with F-35 Tues)
F-16 (Not Monday or Tuesday)
F-35 (flypast with Typhoon Tues)
Lockheed Martin LM-100J
Mitsubishi MRJ (not Tuesday)
Tekever AR4
Airbus CS-300 (Air Baltic)(Mon – Tues)
Airbus EC135
Airbus H125 (all days)
Airbus H135 (all days)
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Cessna Citation CJ4
Cessna Grand Caravan EX
Dornier 328 D-CSNC
Embraer Phenom 300E
Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Farnborough 2016

Sometimes wet but always wonderful
Typhoon just after take-off

Typhoon take-off at Farnborough Airshow 2016

Farnborough Airshow, the biggest trade airshow in the UK, is held once every two years. It lasts for a whole week. The first four days, Monday - Thursday, are trade days when £billions of international business is transacted. Friday is 'Futures Day' when youngsters are encouraged to attend and learn about aviation and associated sciences. At the weekend it becomes a public airshow.

In 2016 the show hosted the second appearance in the UK of the F-35 Lightning II jet, following its début at RIAT. The US Marines Corps brought two F-35B jets, the US Airforce two F-35As and one British F-35 came to the UK for displays, but only the F-35B was seen at Farnborough. One of them performed a flypast with the Red Arrows when the show was opened by the Prime Minister at 10.30 on Monday 11th. The mixed flypast with the Red Arrows was not repeated during the week but the F-35 did display over the public weekend, including the Friday's 'Futures Day'.

Weather was certainly the topic on the opening day, when flights had to be cancelled early, and the showground closed down, because of torrential rain, flooding and water ingress to several buildings, which affected the electrical circuits, causing the power to be turned off.

A huge effort over Monday night, including not only water clearance but necessary repairs and even carpet renewal, meant that the show was ready for business on Tuesday although there was further rain both then and on Wednesday, including a lightning strike close to the commentary position. Thursday was the first all-dry day but Friday returned to low cloud by airshow time and then rain stopped the displays again just after 16.00. On Saturday and Sunday the cloud threatened but the rain stayed away.

As well as the F-35 and the Red Arrows, weekend highlights included a phenomenal display by Rich Goodwin, complete with colourful pyrotechnics and the BAe Typhoon (not the RAF one). Another highlight for classic aircraft fans was the first display away from its home at the Shuttleworth Collection's Old Warden airfield since its restoration in 2014, of the De Havilland DH.88 Comet, a striking red inter-war racer that won 1934 England to Australia Air Race, for which it was designed, in 70 hours and 54 minutes.

See the table below for a full list of the flying displays

Aircraft at the weekend
Airbus A350 (Fri only)
Airbus A380 (inc Fri)
Airbus A400M (inc Fri)
Antonov AN-178
Apache AH-1 (inc Fri)
Boeing B-17G 'Sally B'
Boeing 727-200 Oil Spill Response (inc Fri)
Boeing Defense P8 (inc Fri)
Breitling Wingwalkers (inc Fri)
Bronco (cancelled Saturday because time ran out. Flew Sunday).
Calidus Autogyro (Fri & Sat)
Catalina PBY-5A (Sunday only)
Curtiss P40M Kittyhawk 'Lulu Belle'
de Havilland Comet
  Dornier Do328 (inc Fri)
 Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF) CANCELLED
Eurofighter Typhoon Role Demo (BAe Systems) (inc Fri)
F-16 CANCELLED not able to validate
Fairey Swordfish
Global Stars (inc Fri)
Goodyear Corsair FG-1
Great War Display Team (inc Fri) (listed by operator but not on FIA Saturday list)
Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat
 King Air Display Team (RAF) CANCELLED
Lockheed Electra ( Fri & Sun)
Lockheed Martin F-35B (+Fri)
Mustang 'Red Tail' (was 'Jumpin Jacques')
North American B-25 (RNAFHF)
Rans S-6ES (Build-a-Plane) (Friday only)
Red Arrows (RAF) (inc Fri. Flypasts only)
Red Devils (Friday only)
Richard Goodwin Pitts S-2S Special (inc Fri)
Spitfire & Hurricane (BBMF)
Starduster (Fri & Sat)
Twisters (Sat)
Yak 3M
The Blades (inc Fri)
Additionally the following were listed for static display during the public weekend
Antonov AN-2
Chipmunk G-AKON
Dakota (Ace of Spades)
de Havilland Devon
Gnat Display Team
Porterfield Spartan Arrow G-ABWP
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX

Red Arrows

As well as the flypast with the F-35B to open the show, the Red Arrows flew with the Airbus A350 and twice with the Airbus A400M. They also parked up very close to the Grandstand over the public weekend and interacted with the crowds who could chat with them and the 'Blues' and see at close quarters the preparations for flight.

On Friday and Saturday they also made a flypast break to land, but on Sunday they flew direct from their Flypast with the A400M back to Scampton.

Some in the crowd had not realised, despite the publicity, that the Red Arrows would not be making a full display, and seemed somewhat disappointed that the displays had been reduced to flypast only. Although the mixed flypasts with Airbus aircraft were welcome, it was a little surprising that they had not made more than one flypast on each day.

The reasons for the lack of the dynamic part of the show were understandable in the post-Shoreham caution but perhaps a few formations from part one of their normal display could have been offered to the substantial numbers who came from the exhibition areas to the crowd line especially to see them fly.

Tim Peake

On Friday, astronaut Tim Peake was on the platform to talk to visitors and on the stage in the Space Zone to open Futures Day and answer questions from children.

Tim Peake

Tim Peake

These were his first public appearances since returning from space.

He was back on the Live Stage on Saturday and mixed very freely with the crowds seeking his autograph.

Mixed Flypasts

On Friday there were due to be 2 mixed flypasts. The Red Arrows flew with the Airbus A350 as planned but The Blades flying with with the Oil Spill Response 727 was one of the weather casualties. On Saturday and Sunday The Blades did complete their flypast with the 727 and the Red Arrows flew with the Airbus 400M.


For the first time in 2016, the UK Drone Show was held alongside the Farnborough Airshow. The latest drones and drone technology were on show to airshow visitors. There was a focus on the safe use of drones, careers in the drone industry and CAA drone regulations. As always at Farnborough, products were on display and there were presentations, exhibitions and speakers to further knowledge and awareness of this rising technology, hobby and business.

Getting to the Farnborough Airshow

By car

There are signposted routes from the M3 and the A31. Use sat nav GU14 6FD to get near but ignore the sat nav in favour of the show direction signs as soon as you pick them up.


There are links to other route planners in the Travel Advice section.

There is very little reserved parking on the airport itself. The vast majority of drivers will be directed to an off-site free car park with a free shuttle bus to the airport.

By Train

The Gatwick to Farnham train passes through several stations very close to the show: the nearest is North Camp. There is a free shuttle bus between the show and Farnborough Main, Aldershot and North Camp stations.

Click here to create a pocket timetable for your journey between any stations on the National Rail network.

By coach

There may be special services to the show. See the show's 'getting there' page and local coach service providers for any details.

Travel Advice

Road traffic updates
Highways Agency
Incidents and enquiries
National Railway Map
DIY pocket timetable
Journey planning by public transport
Route planners (Road)
Bing (Microsoft)

Accommodation near the Farnborough International Airshow

It is best to book as far as possible in advance. This is not only because nearby hotels and guest houses tend get booked up well before the date of an airshow but also because prices can be better when you book early online.

The location is already built in to the link but please check, and change as necessary, the dates, number of rooms and number of guests.


Some More Options

Premier Inn have hotels in Farnborough Town and Farnborough West. They also have another four in other towns within about 5 miles of Farnborough.

There is a Travelodge in central Farnborough and another five within about 5 miles of the show.

Weather for the show area

UK Met Office Forecast

A full 7 day Farnborough weather forecast from the UK Met Office

BBC Forecast

A 14-day forecast from the BBC

What the forecasts tell you

The Met Office 7-day forecast includes actual and "feels like" temperatures, the likelihood of rain, wind speed, wind direction, wind gusts and visibility: the latter can have an impact on the viability of displays.

The BBC's 14-day forecast has overall conditions including and hourly estimate of temperature, wind direction, wind speed and UV range.

Click the blue-text link to go to the forecast. The location is already built into the links.

2024 Show Basics


July 22-26 2024

Airshow links

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Tickets in 2024

Ticket information will be here when announced


Opening times have not yet been released


Postcode GU14 6FD


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