About British Airshows

Who are we? Who should gain most from the web site?

Who are we?

We are enthusiasts who make efforts to learn about airshows and other events with an air display content.

We receive information from airshow organisers and aircraft operators; we also gather published information and we actively seek more.

Then we share what we know with other enthusiasts.

Who are our audience?

We hope the web site will be of interest to people who like to go to airshows of all kinds but we do not try to provide a technical resource. We don't know how many rivets it takes to build a Spitfire.

We do find out, and pass on to our visitors, when and where airshows are going to be held and what is flying. We then try to present it in a way that makes the information easy to find and to read. Please let us know if we do not succeed. We are happy to receive feedback and keen to make improvements.

Can you contribute?


If you have information about airshows that we do not already publish, please let us know. Please include a web site reference, social media account or similar where possible.

If you have a well-written airshow review or good quality airshow photos, we would certainly consider publishing them. Contributors will be credited using the personal name, social media name or nickname of their choice.

Limitations: important

We have no links with any shows or teams. We gather information from sources believed to be reliable but we are unlikely to know more than the shows themselves. And, frankly, we might mis-type or misunderstand something. We suggest you use this web site as an 'easy access index of many shows' but check any details with the individual show itself before making any commitments. The web site of the show, where known, is listed in the blue panel on page that details the show, or, where there is no blue panel, on the 'Basics' tab.


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