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Lancaster and Sally B

The dates and titles of Duxford's 2024 airshows are on Duxford's web site (and ours)

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News date 16.09.23

Avro Triplane and Bristol Boxkite

Earlybird tickets at discounted prices are now available for Shuttleworth 2024 airshows.

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News date 15.09.23


The Jersey International Air Display in 2024 will be on September 12th.

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News date 15.09.23

Sopwith Pup

The initial flying list for the Race Day airshow on 1st October is now on their web site (and ours).

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News date 05.09.2023

MH4015 at Revival

Goodwood Revival 2024 will be on 6th, 7th, 8th September

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News date 15.09.23

Comet at Shuttleworth

A new format for airshows at Old Warden in 2024: 7 events, some of which are multi-day, although the three 2-day events will only have flying on one of the days.

More ....News date 21.07.23

Sea Fury VR930

Navy Wings Sea Fury FB11 VR930 could be at airshows in 2024 following a pending replacement of the Centaurus engine with a Pratt & Whitney R2800.

More ....News date 14.07.23

Hawker Fury Mk I

Historic Aircraft Collection's Hawker Fury Mk I 'K5674' is the latest addition to the flying list at the Little Gransden Air and Car Show.

More ....News date 12.07.23

Red Arrows

The full flying schedule for Eastbourne's Airbourne has been published. It is on the Airbourne web site (and ours).

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News date 04.07.23


The problem with BBMF Merlin engines has been resolved, so the BBMF is again flying aircraft that use Merlins (Lancaster, Spitfires, Hurricanes).

More ....News date 23.06.23

Hurricane R4118

The Stampe Team and Hurricanes BE505 and R4118 have been added to the Headcorn flying displays but only on Sat & Sun.

More ....News date 29.06.23

Rolls Royce Spitfire

Eastbourne have added the Tigers Parachute Display Team and the Rolls Royce Mustang & Spitfire all 4 days and the Strikemaster (solo) on Sat & Sun only

More ....News date 28.06.23

Black Cats

Black 1 had to display solo at the National Armed Forces Day, Falmouth, on 24th June because Black 2 had a tech fault.

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News date 24.06.23

Sally B

After being grounded at the start of the season, the necessary checks have been completed and Sally B is allowed to fly again. Press 'More' for her schedule.

More ....News date 22.06.23


Team Raven and Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers (both all 4 days) and the RAF Chinook (Friday only) have been added to the Airbourne flying displays.

More ....News date 22.06.23


The Chinook schedule has 7 UK venues listed in 2023: Cosford, Falmouth, RIAT, Eastbourne, Bournemouth, Ayr and Southport. Check show details for dates.

Map of venuesNews date 20.06.23

Leonardo Spartan

There was a huge and unexpected update to the RIAT flying and static participation lists on 20th June, celebrating the Italian Air Force Centenary.

More ....News date 20.06.23


The Strikemaster pair and four Navy Wings aircraft, including the Swordfish (Sunday only) have been added to the Wales Airshow flying list.

More ....News date 20.06.23

Staggerwing N18V

Two Staggerwings have been added to the displays at Headcorn but N18V will only display at the weekend and N17GL only on Sunday

More ....News date 16.06.23


Stratotanker. © USAF

Saturday and Sunday demos from the USAF Stratotanker and displays by the UK Chinook are this week's flying additions to RIAT participation. Also lots of statics.

More ....News date 15.06.23

Westland Lynx XZ179

XZ179 from Project Lynx and their Gazelle; 2 more Hurricanes and the Airco DH9 are amongst 7 additions to the Duxford Summer flying list.

More ....News date 09.06.23

Saudi Hawks

Displays on all three days by the Saudi Hawks headlines this week's RIAT additions.

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News date 08.06.23

F-35B at RAF Cosford

An F-35B from RAF Marham will be flying at the RAF Cosford Air Show on June 11th. Possibly a fly-by and hover.

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News date 05.06.23

Phenix French Air & Space Force Parachute display team

Phenix Ambassadeurs parachutistes de l'armée de l'Air et de l'Espace (French Air and Space Force) will display at the RAF Cosford Air Show on June 11th.

More ....News date 03.06.23

Patrouille Suisse

ALL tickets for the RAF Cosford Air Show have now sold out.

(news date 03.06.23)

Furzan Al

Show's Photo  

The UAE's Fursan Al Emirat Display Team and a USAF B-52H Stratofortress are this week's flying additions to the RIAT line-up.

More ....News date 01.06.23

de Havilland Vampire

Duxford Summer Airshow updates include the Vampire and MiG from the Norwegian AF Historical Squadron

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News date 31.05.23

Dakota Drag 'em oot

Dakota "Drag 'em oot" will replace Sally B at the Midlands Air Festival. Sally B's flying operations have been suspended because of an engineering inspection.

More ....News date 24.05.23

Agusta A129 Mangusta Photo: Aldo Bidini  

May 18 RIAT updates include Voyager refuelling demos; an Italian Mangusta moving to the flying display and a pair of Hellenic Phantoms in the statics.

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News date 18.05.23

Strikemaster pair

The Strikemaster pair are due to display at the Battle of Britain Airshow, Headcorn

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News date 16.05.23


Tickets for Flying Legends 2023 are available now via their web site. The flying list has been extended considerably.

Show's site

News date 16.05.23


Some of of the displays for the East Kirkby Airshow on 5th August have been listed. Click the 'more' button for their web site. The list is also in our airshow calendar.

More ....News date 13.05.23


No flying additions on 11th May. New statics include RAF trainers and the Vampire FB.52 from the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron in Italian Air Force markings.

More ....News date 11.05.23

Turkish Stars Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Highlights of the RIAT23 additions are the Turkish Stars and the German Air Force A400M & Tornado pair, demonstrating (simulated) air-to-air refuelling.

More ....News date 04.05.23

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