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  • Swiss F/A-18C
    Swiss F/A-18C 'Hornet'
  • Ukranian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
    Ukranian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
  • Harrier at Farnborough 2018
    Harrier at Farnborough 2018
  • Frecce Tricolori
    Frecce Tricolori
  • Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018
    Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018

 Airshow news

 Airshow news

  • Flying Legends

    The organisers hope to hold the 2021 Flying Legends on 10th & 11th July if Covid issues don't prevent it and if a new venue can be agreed.

    (news date 22.09.20)

  • NHS Spitfire

    The 'NHS Spitfire' routes on 22nd September have been published. They are on the Aircraft Restoration Company's web site.

    (news date 21.09.20)

  • Headcorn Finale

    On each of the 3 days, the Headcorn finale will be the Tigers, Harvards, Dakotas, Spitfires and Mike Pickin in his CAP 232 with a spectacular, smoke filled aerobatic display.

    (news date 21.09.20)

  • Abingdon

    The 2021 Air and Country Show show will be all-ticket (no payment at the gate). Tickets will be available from the end of 2020 online & from local outlets.

    (news date 16.09.20)

  • Headcorn

    Aero Legends have announced that their Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow on 25th - 27th September will go ahead.
    More ....

    (news date 15.09.20)

  • Battle of Britain

    Very sadly, the Duxford Proms and Battle of Britain Airshow have been cancelled.

    More ....

    (news date 11.09.20)

  • Rhyl Airshow will return in 2021

    The organisers say the Rhyl Airshow will be 'bigger and even better' when it returns on 28 - 29 August 2021.

    (news date 01.09.20)

  • Headcorn additions

    Three Spitfires, Two Harvards, two Hurricanes, a Buchon and a fifth Stampe SV.4 are the last 2 batches of aircraft to be added to the flying list at the Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow.
    More ....

    (news dates 26.08.20 & 08.09.20)

  • Flying Legends

    No more Flying Legends at Duxford. The Fighter Collection are seeking a new venue.
    More ....

    (news date 25.08.20)

  • September Shuttleworth

    Shuttleworth shows on September 6th (Vintage) & 27th (De Havilland) will both be drive-ins.

    (news date 20.08.20)

  • Jersey International Air Display

    Next year's Jersey International Air Display will be on Thursday 9th September
    More ....

    (news date 12.08.20)

  • Old Bucks BoB display

    The organisers have cancelled the planned Battle of Britain Air Display on October 3rd. Ticket-holders will have received an email.

    (news date 08.08.20)

  • Battle Proms 2021

    Tickets for the 2021 series of Battle Proms will be on sale from 1st October 2020.

    (news date 08.08.20)

  • Headcorn

    The BBMF will fly their 'Dowding Display' to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, at the Battle of Britain Airshow, Headcorn.
    More ....

    (news date 04.08.20)

  • Sea Fury damaged

    The IWM have confirmed that The Sea Fury T20 operated by the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation had to make a forced landing after leaving Duxford on 4th August. The aircraft is reported as damaged. The pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries. There are reports that the aircraft suffered engine failure

    (news date 04.08.20)

  • Sunderland

    The Sunderland International Airshow will be on 23-25 July next year.

    (news date 26.07.20)

  • RN International Air Day

    Although Yeovilton's live RN International Air Day 2020 was cancelled, a virtual airshow streaming the best of shows gone by can be viewed online. A link to the stream and a schedule of items is on our web site. More ....

    (news date 10.07.20)

  • Wales Airshow, Swansea

    The 2021 Wales Airshow will return to Swansea Bay on 3rd and 4th July 2021.
    More ....

    (news date 04.07.20)

  • Clacton

    The 2021 Clacton Airshow will be on August 26 - 27

    (news date 11.06.20)

  • New Abingdon date

    The Abingdon Air & Country Show has a new 2021 date. The date, which is still provisional, is now 12th June 2021.
    More 2021 dates

    (news date 10.06.20)

  • Armed Forces Day 2021

    Armed Forces weekend 2021 will be 25-27 June. The National event will be hosted by Scarborough (who were to have hosted the event in 2020)

    (news date 21.05.20)

  • Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow

    The Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow will be held on September 25th-27th 2020. The 2021 show will be on 25th-27th June.

    (news date 15.05.20)

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