UK Airshow news, dates, maps & photos

UK Airshow news, dates & maps

  • Ukranian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
    Ukranian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
  • Harrier at Farnborough 2018
    Harrier at Farnborough 2018
  • Frecce Tricolori
    Frecce Tricolori
  • Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018
    Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018

 Airshow news

 Airshow news

  • Bournemouth Typhoon Times

    The Typhoon is due to fly at the Bournemouth Air Festival at these times: Fri 16:35 & 19:35, Sat 17:30, Sun 16:10

  • Jersey 2020

    The Jersey International Air Display in 2020 will be on Thursday September 10th

  • Jersey

    Appearing at this year's Jersey International Air Display on September 12th will be Frederick Akary's F-86E Sabre in a dogfight with the Norwegian Air Force Historic Squadron Mig 15. Also the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight's Saab J29, J35, & J37E Viggen.

  • Mark Hanna Tribute

    The Battle of Britain Airshow at Duxford in September will end with a Spitfire MH434 tribute to co-founder of the OFMC, Mark Hanna, who died shortly after a tragic accident 20 years ago.

  • Strikemaster schedule

    5th, Birr, solo
    14th Falmouth, pairs
    15th &16th Eastbourne, solo
    16th & 17th Eastbourne, pairs
    22nd &23rd Clacton, pairs
    23rd Sidmouth, pairs
    24th & 25th Rhyl, solo
    29th to 1st Sept, Bournemouth, pairs
    7th & 8th, Southport, pairs

  • Weston Air Festival 2020

    The Weston Air Festival and Armed Forces Day will be on June 27th - 28th 2020.

  • Sunderland 2020

    The Sunderland Airshow will be on July 24th - 26th 2020.

  • Lancaster at Duxford BoB

    The Lancaster will replace the BBMF Dakota at Duxford's Battle of Britain Airshow in September

  • Additions to Battle of Britain

    More display aircraft have been added to the line-up at Duxford's Battle of Britain Airshow. The full list is on their web site.

  • Battle of Britain Airshow

    The two latest additions to the flying display at Duxford's Battle of Britain Airshow in September are the IWM's Spitfire Mk Ia 'N3200' and the Hangar 11 Collection's Mustang 'Tall in the Saddle'.

  • Eastbourne Additions

    The Norwegian Spitfire Foundation's Sea Fury is due to fly on all four days at Airbourne. At the weekend (Saturday and Sunday only) Rich Goodwin, the MiG-15 and the T-33 are all due to display.

  • Jersey International Air Display

    Two impressive additions to the line-up this year are Antonov AN-2 'Annie' (landing and taking off from the beach if permitted) and Rich Goodwin.

  • Clacton night flying

    Twilight evening flights at the Clacton Airshow this year will be from the Tigers Free Fall Team, The Fireflies and Brendan O'Brien's Otto.

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Airshow Dates

Airshow Dates

2019 calendar of UK airshows

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Airshow Map

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Display Aircraft

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