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  • Swiss F/A-18C
    Swiss F/A-18C 'Hornet'
  • Ukrainian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
    Ukrainian Su-27 at RIAT 2019
  • Harrier at Farnborough 2018
    Harrier at Farnborough 2018
  • Frecce Tricolori
    Frecce Tricolori
  • Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018
    Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth 2018


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  • Flying Days
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  • Shuttleworth Premiere

There are still a few tickets for the May 22nd and June 20th Flying Days but 'Commemorating D-Day' on Sunday 6 June is now sold out.

(news date 21.04.21)

Shuttleworth's Season Premiere is sold out.
There are three more additions to the display line-up. They are Navy Wings' Sea Fury T20, James Brown's North American T-6 Harvard and Shuttleworth's Southern Martlet.

(news date 20.04.21)

The Sea Hurricane is no longer in the Shuttleworth Season Premiere display schedule but two BBMF Spitfires have been added: Mk.XVIe (TE311) and a second unspecified.

(news date 16.04.21)

Themes for Duxford's first 3 Flying Days have been announced: 'Standing Together' on 22 May; 'Commemorating D-Day' on 6 June & 'Thank You Dads' on 20 June. Tickets are available now.

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(news date 14/15.04.21)

ARC0's Buchon will be in a tailchase with already-announced Spitfire TD314 Aero Legend's Yak 3 at the BoB Airshow. Also displaying will be Spitfires Mk I N3200, Mk IX PT462 and Mk XI PL983.

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(news date 13.04.21)

Shuttleworth Premiere

ARCo's Buchon has replaced Thunderbolt 'Nellie' in the line-up of the Season Premiere on May 2nd

(news date 12.04.21)


Aircraft Restoration Company's Lysander will join the Shuttleworth Lysander for a dual display at the Shuttleworth Evening Airshow on May 15th

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(news date 09.04.21)

Southport and Sunderland are the latest to cancel their 2021 airshows.

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(news date 08.04.21)

Bell at Duxford

Following the cancellation of two earlier dates, IWM Duxford have confirmed that Flying Days will begin on 22nd May. Tickets will be available from next week.

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(news date 08.04.21)

Blackpool Airshow has been cancelled for the second year running because of uncertainty about staging large events. Next year's Blackpool Airshow will be on 6th - 7th August 2022.

Red Arrows

(news date 07.04.21)

The RAF Chinook Display team will be starting their work-up soon and have confirmed that they will be displaying at air shows around the country this summer.


(news date 07.04.21)

RAF Tutor

There will be no RAF Tutor display this year because of ongoing technical issues with the Tutor aircraft.

(news date 06.04.21)

An Aerosuperbatics wingwalker solo and Little & Large, the Extra 300S with 40% model, are the latest additions to the flying line-up at LittleGransden

Little and Large

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(news date 05.04.21)

Stampe Team

The Stampe Team, and Aero Legends' Tiger Moths, Yak 3 and T-6 pair are the latest additions to be announced for the Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn in June

(news date 01.04.21)

The Global Stars will be at the International Weston Park Model Show in September.

(news date 01.04.21)


The flying list for the Shuttleworth Season Premiere on May 2nd is now on the show's web page (and ours).

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(news date 29.03.21)

Republic P47D 'Thunderbolt'

Ultimate Warbirds' Republic P47D Thunderbolt 'Nellie' is due to display at Shuttleworth's Season Premiere on May 2nd.

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(news date 26.03.21)

Spitfire pair at Headcorn

The Aero Legends Spitfire pair, TD314 'St George' and NH341 'Elizabeth', will display alongside "many, many more" at Headcorn's Battle of Britain Airshow.

(news date 16.03.21)

Dakota at Headcorn

Sally B and the Aero Legends Dakota pair are confirmed for the Battle of Britain AirShow at Headcorn in June.

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(news date 12.03.21)

The Weston Air Festival, due to be held on 19th & 20th June, has been cancelled because it is (slightly) before the government's planned date for releasing restrictions on large outdoor gatherings.

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(news date 08.03.21)

Spitfire pair at Headcorn

The organisers have confirmed that, based on the current government advice, the Battle of Britain Airshow will go ahead on 25th - 27th June.

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(news date 03.03.21)


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