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Fly Navy

July 3rd 2022

Wessex and Sea King

Wessex and Sea King from Historic Helicopters

For 2022 the very popular ‘Fly Navy’ airshow returned, after surrendering its Shuttleworth summer slot to a new ‘Flying Festival’ in 2019.

In the interim, the 'Flying Festival' theme provided scope for a wider range of aircraft to be displayed. The Red Arrows were the headline display in 2019 but equally popular with enthusiasts was the last-minute announcement that nine of the Dakotas taking part in Daks over Normandy would be on static display at the show and that some would fly out afterwards.

A similar format, but entitled Flying Festival of Britain, was retained in 2021, celebrating innovation and remembering the 1951 Festival of Britain when the Shuttleworth Collection’s Comet was suspended from the ceiling in honour of its record-breaking role.

The returning Fly Navy show in 2022 show was a joint effort between two power houses of naval aviation: the Shuttleworth Collection and Navy Wings. The latter had a substantial presence, in personnel as well as aircraft, and a huge marquee for their members, benefactors and guests, focusing their might on the highest profile naval aviation event of the year in the absence of the show at RNAS Yeovilton. Just outside their private area was the framework of a Maurice Farman S7, which is undergoing restoration at Old Warden.

There was also a substantial input from two other naval aviation stalwarts, Kennet Aviation, who are now based at Old Warden and The Fighter Collection, based at nearby Duxford. (... continued below the table)

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat G-RUMW (The Fighter Collection) (Flew out but technical problem prevented display)
Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat G-RUMM (The Fighter Collection)
Goodyear FG-1D Corsair G-FGID (The Fighter Collection)

Hawker Nimrod Mk I G-BWWK (The Fighter Collection)
North American T6 Texan (Kennet Aviation)
T6 Harvard (Navy Wings)
Bristol Scout (David Bremner)
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (Plane Sailing)
Boeing Stearman (Kennet Aviation)
Hawker Sea Hurricane, Shuttleworth Collection
Spitfire MkVc G-AWIISupermarine Spitfire LF Mk Vc G-AWII 'AR501' (Shuttleworth Collection)
Sopwith Pup (Shuttleworth Collection)
Southern MartletSouthern Martlett (no longer listed)
Sopwith Triplane replica
DH82a Tiger Moth (Shuttleworth Collection)
ChipmunkDHC Chipmunk T.22 (Shuttleworth Collection)
Miles Magister 'P6382' G-AJRS (Shuttleworth Collection)
Avro Tutor (Old Warden resident)
Bristol F2.b (Shuttleworth Collection) (Technical problem prevented display)
Avro 504K (Old Warden Resident)
Avro Anson in RAF Coningsby coloursAvro C19 Anson (was BAe Systems but donated to Shuttleworth Collection)
Westland Lysander (Shuttleworth Collection)
Gloster Gladiator (Shuttleworth Collection) (Cancelled: technical problem)
Bristol Boxkite (Shuttleworth Collection) (Conditions not suitable)
Avro Triplane replica G-ARSG (Shuttleworth Collection)
Blackburn Monoplane Type ‘D’ (Conditions not suitable)
Bleriot X1Blériot XI (Shuttleworth Collection) (Conditions not suitable)
Deperdussin (Conditions not suitable)
English Electric WrenEnglish Electric Wren (Shuttleworth Collection) (Conditions not suitable)
Supermarine Seafire (Navy Wings)

Gazelle Squadron: 4 Westland Gazelles
Westland WessexWestland Wessex HU5 (Historic Helicopters)
Sea King Westland Sea King HC4 (Historic Helicopters)
Westland Wasp (Terry Martin) (cancelled: oil leak)
Westland Wasp HAS1 XT420 (Navy Wings)
Westland Wasp (John Heath)
Westland Wasp (Andrew Baker)
Static Display only
Stinson Reliant (Navy Wings)
de Havilland Tiger Moth (Navy Wings)
The Edwardians can only fly if the conditions are perfect. In practice, the Avro Triplane did fly but the others could not.

Navy Wings made one of the biggest impacts, with greater strength in rotary winged aircraft than visitors would normally expect at Old Warden. Especially impressive were the Wessex and Sea King pair, which sat beside each other on the crowdline and flew together during the display but the four gazelles of the Gazelle Squadron and three Wasps certainly made a huge impact, too.

Fly Navy was due to feature four Fighter Collection naval aircraft: the Grumman Bearcat, Grumman Wildcat, Nimrod Mk I and Goodyear Corsair. In practice, the Wildcat was at Old Warden prior to the show and took off for the display but had a technical fault so returned to its Duxford base. The Nimrod displayed as a solo earlier in the schedule in the absence, on the sick list, of the Gladiator and the remaining two Fighter Collection aircraft, the Bearcat and the Corsair, displayed both as a pair and as solos.

One of the display items was a multiple-flypast by a Battle of Britain Flight Spitfire. We all love the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and what it stands for. We also love their full displays, especially if the Lancaster is flying. But there is a downside. The Flight are quite specific on timing and they also require 'clear air' between their displays and the previous and following displays. This inevitably results in a no-fly period, which, at the Fly navy airshow, was rather long. Quite a large number of people left the show during that interval. This was a great pity, as the short sharp shower that may have influenced their departure soon passed and the weather afterwards was better than before. As well as the BBMF Spitfire, the Shuttleworth Mk Vc flew as part of a trio of navy-linked warbirds which also included their Mk Ib Sea Hurricane and the Navy Wings Mk XVII Seafire. The three flew together before breaking into a simultaneous Sea Hurricane solo and Seafire / Spitfire tailchase.

Many more of the displays are Old-Warden based, including up to six Edwardians that were listed as possibles if the conditions were good enough. When it came to the time for their display the weather was better than it had been earlier and both the Boxkite and Avro Triplane were taken to the runway. There was an excellent and long display of the Triplane but the conditions were judged not quite good enough for the Boxkite.

As well as the intended displays, there are incidental flying highlights at airfield-based shows. It was especially good to see the Navy Wings Stinson Reliant and Tiger Moth, which, although not on the display list, could be seen flying when they arrived and left. There were also a good number of interesting privately-owned aircraft, notably a pair of Staaken Z-21 Flitzers.

The flying list is in the table.

Bristol Scout

Bristol Scout

Stinson Reliant

Stinson Reliant



Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

Fly Navy

3rd June 2018

Bristol Scout

Bristol Scout

Fly Navy was one of the best shows anywhere in 2016. In 2017 the weather and cancellations reduced its popularity. Fly Navy was back in 2018 and enjoyed a repeat of the 2016 excellence.

As its name suggests, the show has a naval theme, so visitors enjoyed a wide range of aircraft, all with naval links. Unfortunately, some of the high profile displays were withdrawn since the original (provisional) list was published (see greyed-out items in the table) but the Collection's Spitfire Mk Vc did fly, solo and with the resident Sea Hurricane, in addition to the aircraft originally listed, including the weather-dependent Edwardians. For the third Old Warden show in a row, the Lancaster made what was billed as a flypast but which, in the event, became a triple circuit with lots of topside in wonderful evening light.

Visiting Aircraft
Sea Fury T-20Hawker Sea Fury T.20 (Navy Wings)
(Sea) Fury FB.11
Fairey Swordfish W5856 (Navy Wings)
Supermarine Seafire Mk17 (cancelled)
Consolidated PBY Catalina
Westland Wasp
de Havilland Dragon Rapide
Hawker Nimrod Mk2
Hawker Nimrod Mk.I (cancelled)
Stinson Reliant (cancelled, now static)
AT 6D Texan
Gazelle x2
Bristol Scout
Grumman F4F Wildcat
Vought F4U Corsair
Grumman F8F Bearcat (cancelled)
Douglas AD4 Skyraider (cancelled)
Grumman Avenger (cancelled)
BBMF Lancaster (Flypast)
Morane-SaulnierMorane Saulnier

Resident Aircraft.

Spitfire MkVc G-AWIISpitfire Mk Vc
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B
Avro Anson in RAF Coningsby coloursAvro C19 Anson
Hawker Demon
DH82a Tiger Moth
Miles MagisterMiles Magister
DH60 Cirrus Moth
Westland Lysander
Gladiator (no longer listed)
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplane
Bristol F2B Fighter
Avro Triplane IV
Blackburn Monoplane Type ‘D’
Additionally the following are due to be on static display, but are not flying during the show
Avro 504K
Stinson Reliant
'cancelled' means relative to the original provisional list.

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Photos taken at earlier fly Navy airshows at Old Warden