Shoreham Airshow

RAFA Air Show at Shoreham

Shoreham Airshow

No show since 2015

Vulcan flew by but the display was abandoned

In 2015 the Vulcan flew by but the display was abandoned

The tragic incident in 2015, in which 11 bystanders and road users were killed when Hawker Hunter T7 WV372 was lost, had resulted in a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the prospects for future shows at the venue.

The 2015 show itself was abandoned following the incident and the scheduled second day was cancelled.

The organisers announced in January 2016 that the Shoreham Airshow would not be held in that year. That was widely anticipated. They say the decision was principally out of respect for those affected by the incident in 2015. The show was unlikely to go ahead anyway until the outcome of the AAIB review into the accident had been completed and the findings considered, by which time there would be little time to make the arrangements.

The organisers said they would 'explore the possibility' of holding a show in 2017 but that show was also cancelled.


Click for photos taken at the 2015 show before it was abandoned following the Hunter incident

The RAFA Shoreham Airshow had been held annually at Shoreham airfield, the oldest licensed airfield in the UK (now known as Brighton International Airport) for 27 years until 2015.

Against a background of the imposing Lancing college and the West Sussex countryside, the show is famous for featuring a plethora of wartime aircraft and for its set-piece, usually involving a re-enactment of an airfield attack, with pyrotechnics, scramble and pursuit.