Photos from Duxford Airshows

IWM Duxford September Shows

Photos taken at Duxford September Airshows

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 Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow September 2017   Reviews of Duxford Battle of & Britain airshows

Seafire and Corsair Lysander John Romain in Bristol Blenheim Moth Major Bearcat Wildcat Blenheim Formation Great War Display Team Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c Bearcat C-47 'Skytrain' Curtiss P40 Corsair Great War Display Team Junkers CL1 Hurricane BE505 'Hurribomber' Bearcat and Fury Blenheim Blenheim Blenheim Formation C-47 'Skytrain' C-47 Skytrain pair Catalina Catalina Catalina Goodyear Corsair Curtiss P40 RAF Falcons Gladiator K7985 Great War Display Team Fokker Dr1 Hawker Fury Mk1 Hurricane P3717 Hurricane P2921 Hurricane Z7015 Hurricane Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricane Trio Hurricane Trio Lancaster Lancaster lancaster-8421-5 Lancaster, bomb door open Lancaster and Hurricane MiG-15 Tiger Moth Vampires and MiG-15 Vampires and MiG-15 Yaks Yak 'White 100'

 Duxford Airshow September 2015

As it may have been 75 years ago Bristol Blenheim Typhoon and Spitfire Blenheim with Hurricane escort Slingsby Petrel Boeing PT-17 Stearman Chinook Gladiator Mk11 Stampe Hurricane on the tail of Nord 1002 Sally B Jungmann 17 Spitfires on Saturday Comanche Fighters: Spitfire  Mk1a pair Aerostars BBMF Fighters Boeing PT-17 Stearman Chinook Nord 1002 Aerostars Aerostars Blenheim with Hurricane escort Chinook Harvard Calidus Autogyro Harvard AJ841 Wacky Wabbit Hawk 75 and Gladiator Hornet Moth Jungmann Nimrods Mk1 & Mk2 Nord 1002 Sally B Sally B Aerostars Sally B Jungmann Harvard Slingsby Kirby Kite Slingsby Petrel Typhoon and Spitfire Skyful of Spitfires Spitfire SM845 fires up Jungmann Stearman Stampe, Stearman, Jungmann, Moth Three Harvards Yak 50 one of the Aerostars Calidus Autogyro Harvards Hornet Moth

 Duxford Airshow September 2013

Aerostars in Yak 52s One of two Spitfire trios Aerostars in Yak 520s B17 Sally B touches down B17 Sally B B17 Sally B Starting up Boeing 747-8F Hispano HA-1112 Buchon cockpit Hispano Buchon and Hawker Hurricane Bucker Jungmann Bucker Jungmann Eurofighter Typhoon Eurofighter Typhoon Eurofighter Typhoon Fennec ready for take-off Grumman Wildcat Patrouille de France First Officer Bill Tolllett in Boeing B17 Sally B Short Tucano Fixing the brakes in the deHavilland Vampire T.55 Vampire pair ready for take-off Vampire pair brave the wet runway Rainbow over the Tucano at the end of the day

 Duxford Airshow September 2012

Aligning the props before starting Sally B Sally B's engine 3 fires Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B' Aerostars in six Yak-50sSo that's what the sticky out thing is forReady for inspection on the flightline walk Tornado GR4 Tornado GR4 Traditional salute during the final pass of Fairey Swordfish MkII Basic controls in the Albatros DV.a Pilot Kermit Weeks makes adjustments before display of Albatros DV.a Albatros DV.a Albatros DV.a Hispano HA-1112 Buchon pair Hispano HA-1112 Buchon Hispano HA-1112 Buchon touches down RE.8 replica (and a Ryanair leaving Stanstead!) Lockheed T-33 Canadair CT-133 / T-33. Radio problems prevented display Four American F-15s made a flypast Grumman F8F Bearcat North American T-28 Fennec Bucker Jungmann Bucker Jungmann Nowegian medley: F-16s and Vampires de Havilland Vampires Vampires P-51D Mustang  'Ferocious Frankie' Antonov An-2 DH89A Dragon Rapide Curtiss P-40F Warhawk "Lee's Hope" Curtiss Hawk 75 C-47 Skytrain 'Drag 'Em Oot' Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina Curtiss P-40B 'Warhawk' Curtiss P-40B 'Warhawk' Curtiss P-40B 'Warhawk' kicks up some grass Vulcan XH558 Vulcan XH558 Vulcan XH558 Jon Bond awaits his turn in the Jubilee-liveried Tucano French-built Junkers Ju-52