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Red Arrows

The Midlands Air Festival 2025 will be on 30th May - 1st June. Friends of the Festival tickets available from 8th Aug. General sales from 1st September.

More ....News date 11.07.24

Saab Draken

Eastbourne have added the Draken, Bronco, Wingwalkers and Richard Goodwin's Jet Pitts to their Airbourne flying displays

More ....

News date 10.07.24

Saudi Hawks

Saudi Hawks are the 6th national aerobatic team in the display line-up for RIAT 2024 alongside Finland, Jordan, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

More ....News date 20.06.24

Travelair Mystery Ship

Travel Air Mystery Ship and D4000 are both due to display on the Saturday at Shuttleworth's Festival of Flight at the end of June

More ....News date 15.06.24

Lynx XZ179, Project Lynx

Abingdon's new web site is now live, with early details of the rearranged show. It will include some flying but no private fixed-wing fly-in or statics.

More ....News date 15.06.24

Chinook Role Play

RIAT's update adds flying by the RAF Chinook & Embraer KC-390 Millenium (Fri). New statics include an Italian Tornado, RAF Puma & AAC Apache and Wildcat.

More ....News date 13.06.24

Airbus A400M

The initial list of aircraft in Farnborough's flying and static displays has been released. Details are on the Farnborough Airshow web site (and ours)

More ....News date 07.06.24

Grumman Wildcat

Curtiss P-36C Hawk & P-40F Warhawk and Grumman F4F Wildcat have been added to the show on Saturday and Sunday. ARC's Spitfire XI added Sunday only.

More ....News date 30.05.24


Poor weather in Europe has caused cancellation of the Sabre and P-38. Bo105 also cancelled. Bronco and Jet Provost T3 have been added on Saturday and Sunday.

More ....News date 30.05.24


Several late changes to the line-up at the Duxford Summer Air Show including cancellation of Lockheed P-38 and Sabre. See show's web site (and ours)

More ....News date 30.05.24


The RN Black Cats solo and Navy Wings Swordfish and Wasp have all been added to the flying displays at the RAF Cosford Airshow on June 9th.

More ....News date 17.05.24

Percival Provost

There have been a few changes (deletions and additions) to the flying list at this Shuttleworth show on 12th May. The latest list is on their web site (and ours).

More ....News date 10.05.24

Rafale Solo

Another exciting update from the RAF Cosford team adds the Rafale Solo and Equipe de Voltige displays to an already tremendous flying list.

More ....News date 10.05.24

Jet Provost T5

With just over a week to go, The Abingdon Air & Country Show was postponed to an unspecified date much later in the year. Their web site has a statement.

More ....News date 10.05.24


The Titans are the latest addition to the displays at the Shuttleworth Festival of Flight

More ....

News date 08.05.24

Sally B

Sally B's 2024 display schedule is now on the Sally B web site.

More ....

News date 08.05.24

Ask-21 Glider

Triple treat from the RAF Cosford Airshow team with the addition of displays by the RAF Tutor and Ask-21 glider and a flypast by an RAF A330 Voyager.

More ....News date 03.05.24

Typhoon Displays 2024

Ayr added to 2024 Typhoon display list

More ....News date 29.04.24

Lynx XZ179

Lynx AH.7 XZ179 from Project Lynx is the latest addition to the RAF Cosford Airshow flying schedule

More ....

News date 26.04.24

Strikemaster pair

The Strikemaster pair join the Aero Legends Spitfire trio and the Red Arrows on the flying schedule for the Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn

More ....News date 26.04.24

RAF Typhoon Display Team Livery for 2024

The RAF Typhoon Display Team's aircraft for 2024, ZJ913, known as 'Moggy', commemorates the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

More ....News date 22.04.24

Couteau Delta

Couteau Delta Mirage 2000D Display from Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace is the latest addition to the flying at the RAF Cosford Air Show on June 9th.

More ....News date 19.04.24

Soloturk. F-16 Turkish Air Force

'Soloturk', the F-16 from the Turkish Air Force, is this week's flying addition to RIAT 2024. New statics include a pair of Turkish F-4E Phantoms and a Belgian F-16.

More ....News date 18.04.24

RAF Chinook

One of only a few appearances this year, the RAF Chinook will perform a role demo at the RAF Cosford Air Show.

More ....

News date 12.04.24

Royal Jordanian Falcons

The Royal Jordanian Falcons, the fourth National Aerobatic team, and another Gripen, this time from Hungary, are this week's additions to the flying at RIAT.

More ....News date 11.04.24


The RAF's F35B display Team are amongst the latest additions to the flying at the Old Buckenham Airshow.

More ....

News date 06.04.24

Patrouille Suisse

Patrouille Suisse confirmed for RIAT. German Eurofighter and A400M added to flying displays. NATO AWACS will flypast Friday, then static.

More ....News date 04.04.24

Bristol Blenheim

ARCo'S Bristol Blenheim is the latest addition to the flying at Shuttleworth's Best of British Airshow on May 12th.

More ....

News date 29.03.24

Pilatus PC-9M

A Slovenian AF Pilatus PC-9M will fly at RIAT 2024. A PC-9M and Slovenian C-27J Spartan; Norwegian H Sq Vampire FB.52 & Shuttleworth's Chipmunk will be on static.

More ....News date 28.03.24


Information about the Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn is now on their web site. All three days will be full flying days. Tickets now available.

More ....News date 28.03.24

NH90, German Army Aviation

Swedish Gripens flying and Static; German Army NH90 helicopters flying and static and a static Bréguet 1050 from Alizé Marine are this week's additions to RIAT.

More ....News date 21.03.24

UK RAF Typhoon Displays in 2024

Go to the mapNews date March 2024

Red Arrows displays 2024

Go to the mapNews date March 2024

RAF Typhoon

The RAF Typhoon has been added to the displays (on Friday 31st May only) at the Midlands Air Festival.

More ....News date 10.03.24


The RAF F-35B Lightning II Role Demo will debut at the RAF Cosford Airshow on June 9th.

More ....

News date 08.03.24

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows have published their 2024 display schedule. It is on the Red Arrows web site.

More ....News date 08.03.24

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows, F-35B, Typhoon and BBMF headline this week's RIAT update

More ....

News date 07.03.24

Chinook Display

There will be some role demonstrations, but no full displays by the RAF Chinook Display Team in 2024.

News date 07.03.24

BBMF Lancaster

The BBMF Lancaster has been added to the flying displays at the Golden Age of Aviation Airshow, Compon Abbas, in August

More ....News date 04.03.24

Hawker Fury Mk I

Historic Aircraft Collection's Hawker Fury Mk I has been added to the Shuttleworth 'Best of British' Airshow on May 12th

More ....

News date 01.03.24

Midnight Hawks

Flying display by the Finnish Air Force Midnight Hawks heads this weeks RIAT update. More on the RIAT web site and ours.

More ....News date 29.02.24

Red Arrows

There will be no Rhyl Airshow in 2024 because the Red Arrows will not be available.

More ....

News date 21.02.24

Belgian F-16

The Belgian Air Force has announced that there will be no more Belgian F-16 solo displays as their F-16s are being phased out in favour of F-35s

More ....News date 19.02.24


Sidmouth Town Council have confirmed that their Regatta will not include any airshow elements in 2024. Click 'More' for their statement.

More ....News date 12.02.24

Red Arrows rollbacks

Early details of the Red Arrows 2024 'Maple Hawk' visit to Canada to help mark the Royal Canadian Air Force’s centennial.

More ....

News date 09.02.24

Sopwith Triplane

Shuttleworth have announced the locally-based and some of the visiting aircraft due to display at their Military Airshow on June 2nd.

More ....News date 09.02.24

Harrier, Spanish Navy

The regular weekely RIAT participation updates restarted on February 8th with news that the Spanish Navy Harrier will display again in 2024.

More ....News date 08.02.024

Avro Triplane, Bristol Boxkite

Shuttleworth have announced locally-based and the first visiting aircraft to display at their 'Best of British' airshow on 12th May

More ....

News date 02.02.24

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Already promised are appearances by Dakotas of the D-Day Squadron, 3 of the Flying Bulls fleet, the Canadair Sabre and others. More on the show's web site

More ....News date 01.02.24

Dakota Trio

The D-Day Squadron will arrive at Old Warden on morning of 25th May and leave on 26th afternoon. Some viewing in between.

More ....News date 22.01.24


The Old Buckenham Airshow have announced their first nine displays. A novel and very varied mix.

More ....

News date 09.01.24

Spitfire EE602

EE602 is the fifth Spitfire and the 16th display to be announced for the Sywell Airshow.

More ....

News date 09.01.24

Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow

Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn will be on 5th (arrivals from 12.30, display from 4pm), 6th & 7th July.

More ....

News date 07.01.24

Goodyear Corsair

Fighter Collection's Goodyear Corsair is the 12th display to be announced for the Sywell Airshow 22-23 June. More details on their social media and our Sywell Airshow page.

More ....News date 07.01.24

Airbus refuelling demo in 2023

Four FRIAT packages at 2024 Air Tattoo, from £315 to £390. Children 5-18 half price (no younger children). The packages are available now.

More ....News date 02.01.24

Vampire WZ507

de Havilland Vampire T11 WZ507 has been added to the flying list at the Midlands Air Festival. It is due to fly on Saturday and Sunday.

More ....News date 21.12.23

F-86 Sabre

Frederic Akary's F86 Sabre M6 will display at the Midlands Air Festival on 1st and 2nd June.

More ....News date 09.12.23

Lockheed Electra

Fighter Aviation Engineering's Lockheed 12A Electra Junior G-AFTL is the first aircraft to be announced for Shuttleworth's Family Airshow on August 11th.

More ....News date 08.12.23

Canadian CF-18

Yesterday's announcement by the Canadian CF18 Demo Team that they will be at RIAT24 has been confirmed by the show.

More ....News date 07.12.23

Red Arrows

The Folkestone and Hythe District Council have decided not to hold the Folkestone Air Display in 2024 as the Red Arrows will not be available.

More ....News date 06.12.23

Hawker Tempest

The world’s only airworthy Hawker Tempest II will display at Shuttleworth's Festival of Flight on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June

More ....News date 01.12.23

G-IRTY on Dusk Patrol at Revival

All competitors racing at Revival this year will be required to use fuel with a minimum of 70% sustainable components.

More ....

News date 29.11.23


The International Ayr Show 2024 has been confirmed and will be on 6th & 7th September with a 'Fun Day' on 8th

More ....

News date 25.11.23

BBMF Lancaster

Tickets for the RAF Cosford Air Show are now on sale. Limited Earlybird tickets are from £34. Children 15 and under free. Parking also free.

More ....News date 17.11.23

Spitfire at Goodwood

Tickets for the 2024 Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival are now on sale.

More ....

News date 06.11.23

RIAT 2024 themes include the F-16

The themes for RIAT 2024 will be 'Pushing the Boundaries of Air and Space', 'The Iconic F-16' (50th anniversary) and 'NATO' (75th anniversary)

More ....

News date 02.11.23

Red Arrows over Eastbourne pier

The organisers have confirmed that Airbourne will go ahead in 2024. It will be the airshow's 30th year and will be held on August 15 - 18

More ....News date 30.10.23

Lancaster and Sally B

The dates and titles of Duxford's 2024 airshows are on Duxford's web site (and ours)

More ....

News date 16.09.23

Avro Triplane and Bristol Boxkite

Earlybird tickets at discounted prices are now available for Shuttleworth 2024 airshows.

More ....

News date 15.09.23


The Jersey International Air Display in 2024 will be on September 12th.

More ....

News date 15.09.23

MH4015 at Revival

Goodwood Revival 2024 will be on 6th, 7th, 8th September

More ....

News date 15.09.23

Comet at Shuttleworth

A new format for airshows at Old Warden in 2024: 7 events, some of which are multi-day, although the three 2-day events will only have flying on one of the days.

More ....News date 21.07.23

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