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The RAF Typhoon and BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane are added to flying displays. Lynx AH7 from North Weald & Jet Provost T3a join the statics.

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News date 16.03.23


Team Yakovlevs announced in November 2022 that 2023 would be their last year. They have now said they will cease displays with immediate effect.

More ....News date 15.03.23

Patrulla Águila

Patrulla Águila added to the flying at RIAT23. Spanish AF CASA C-295 & Navy Wings Mk XVII Seafire, Stinson Reliant & Westland Wasp HAS1 to statics.

More ....News date 09.03.23

Tutor Display Pilot 2023

The RAF Tutor Display Pilot for the 2023 season will be Flight Lieutenant David-John Gibbs ('DJ' or 'Gibbo')

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News date 06.03.23

Red Arrows

IWM Duxford have announced the first displays for their two main airshows. Details are on their web site - click a blue button.

SummerBattle of Britain

News date 04.03.23

Spitfire pair at Headcorn

The daytime Battle of Britain show at Headcorn will be Saturday and Sunday 1-2 July only. On Friday 30th June there will be a Battle of Britain Evening Airshow.

More ....News date 01.03.23

Red Arrows

Shows have announced Red Arrows displays at RIAT, Cosford, Blackpool, Fri & Sat at Midlands Air Festival & Sat at Old Bucks. The team has not yet confirmed the displays.

Official ScheduleNews date 25-27.02.23


Shows have announced Typhoon displays both days at Blackpool and Fri & Sat at Midlands Air Festival. Neither venue confirmed by the team.

Official scheduleNews date 24.02.23

C-27J Spartan

Two more statics have been added to the RIAT line-up: a Lithuanian Air Force C-27J Spartan and a Hawker Hunter F58 from Hawker Hunter Aviation

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News date 23.02.23

Flying Legends Balbo

Flying Legends 2023 will be held at Leeds East Airport (RAF Church Fenton) on 15th & 16th July, subject to regulatory approvals

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News date 21.02.23

NH90 German Army Aviation

Flying and static German Army Aviation NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopters have been added to the RIAT23 line-up.

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Show's listNews date 16.02.23

Red Arrows

The English Riviera Airshow will be held on 3rd & 4th June this year.

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Show's site

News date 14.02.2023

Hornet, Finnish Air Force

RIAT 2023 aircraft announcements began on Feb 9th with Finnish flying and static displays. More are likely to be announced at noon each Thursday.

Confirmed aircraftNews date 02&09.02.23

Little and Large

2022 was the last display season for The Extra Duo 'Little and Large', because of 'personal commitments' and the 'general logistics of making the display work'.

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News date 31.01.22

Patrouille Suisse

Patrouille Suisse have listed the RAF Cosford Air Show in their 2023 display schedule. The booking was confirmed by the show on 26th January.

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News date 25.01.23

The Blades

The Blades have announced that 2022 was their last full display season. The use of 'full' leaves the door open for a part-season. We'll see.

More ....News date 23.01.23

Sally B

IWM Duxford have announced four Flying Days in 2023. They are 'VE Day' on 7th May; 'D-Day' on 4th June; 'The Americans' on 28th July and '19 Squadron' on 12th August.

More ....News date 05.01.22

Red Arrows

The BBC is reporting that there will be no 2023 Air Festival in Weston-Super-Mare, mainly because of cost issues and competing priorities for scarce funds.

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News date 22.12.22

Matthew Brighty, Typhoon Display Pilot 2023

The Typhoon Display Pilot for the 2023 season will be Flt Lt Matthew Brighty. ZJ914 should be back for the new season.

News date 16/12.22


The 2023 Teignmouth Airshow weekend will be 30th June - 2nd July. The flying part is likely to be on the Saturday.

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News date 30.11.22

Belgian F-16

Tickets for the 2023 RAF Cosford Air Show are now on sale.

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News date 18.11.22

The Red Arrows usually display at Sidmouth

Sidmouth Town Council will support the airshow for at least the next two years but they will consider alternative attractions for 2025+. The 2023 show will be on 25th August.

More ....News date 16 & 08/16.11.22

Bucker Jungmeister

The 2023 Little Gransden Air and Car Show will be held on August 27th

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News date 09.11.22

Red Arrows

The South Ayrshire Council has agreed to spend £300,000 per year over 5 years to revive the Ayr International Airshow. They hope it will become self-funding.

More ....News date 02.11.22


Dispelling doubts raised during 2022, it is confirmed that Eastbourne's Airbourne will be back in 2023. The four-day show will be held on 17th - 20th August.

More ....News date 21.10.22


The Abingdon Air and Country Show, postponed from September 2022 because of the death of Her late Majesty, will be on May 20th '23. The Bronco and Catalina are due to display.
More ....News date 19.10.22

MH434 at Revival

The Festival of Speed 2023 will be on 13 - 16 July and Goodwood Revival will be 8 - 10 September.

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News date 17.10.2022

Red Arrows

The Sunderland Echo is reporting that the 2023 Sunderland Airshow has been cancelled and that there are no plans to run any more airshows in the future.

More ....News date 17.10.22

Spitfire Pair

The main Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn will be on July 1 - 2. Something should be happening on Friday 30th. Their web site will be updated with details.
More ....News date 12.10.22

Duxford BoB Finale

Dates for Duxford's Air Shows are now on their web site. The Summer Airshow will be on June 24-25 & the Battle of Britain Airshow on September 16-17.

More ....News date 11.10.22


Farnborough 2024 will be held on 22nd - 26th July

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News date 20-09-22


The Jersey International Air Display 2023 will be on September 14th.

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News date 06.09.22


The line-up for Shuttleworth's Race Day Airshow on October 2nd is now on their web site.

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News date 16.09.22


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