Wirral Airshow postponed to 2017

This article is out of date and is retained only for reference

Red Arrows rollbacks

Red Arrows were scheduled to fly

No Wirral Airshow

The Wirral's first ever airshow was scheduled for 6th and 7th August 2016. The Red Arrows, Typhoon, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and King Air Display Teams were all scheduled to fly. However, problems making local arrangements in time led the Council to tell the organisers to postpone the event until 2017.

As well as agreeing arrangements with the teams due to fly, the Civil Aviation Authority and others, every airshow has to agree local arrangements for such things as traffic management, emergency procedures, car parking and safety.

The local authority say that Jumbo Ltd., the private company organising the event, has not agreed the appropriate arrangements in time and that concerns about these local issues has lead their safety advisory committee, comprising representatives of the council, police and fire service to call for the event to be postponed until 2017.

Jumbo Ltd said they were trying to agree procedures but Wirral Council was convinced the show could not go ahead this year as planned.

The show’s web site is still promoting the show but with a change of date to 5th & 6th August 2017.

This story was first in the local paper, the Wirral Globe, whose article is here.