Shuttleworth Collection Military Airshow 2019

Previously the Military Pageant

Military Airshow

7th July 2019
Sea Hurricane

Sea Hurricane

The former ‘Military Pageant’ Airshow becomes simply the Military Airshow for 2019 and will again recognise the contribution of our Armed Forces, past and present.

One of the eight originally-listed Hurricanes has a technical problem, which reduces the count to seven. Nevertheless, the flying list still includes no fewer than six Hurricanes and a Sea Hurricane as well as the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie', the Royal Jordanian Falcons and three Avro 504Ks, although the recently restored Duxford-based DH9, which would have had its show debut here, has been withdrawn.

The list of aircraft expected to fly is in the table and on the show's web site.

About Old Warden

This is a relatively small venue, where flying feels closer to the crowd than in some bigger airfields, even since the change in the regulations. The venue also has a mansion, Shuttleworth House, which is usually open to visitors for at least part of airshow days, park-like gardens (Swiss garden) and huge children's outdoor play area.

Old Warden is home to the Shuttleworth Collection of planes from both world wars and earlier, including original pioneering aircraft such as the Bleriot (identical to the one that made the first crossing of the English Channel). There are around 40 airworthy planes in eight hangars.

The collection is on static display most days throughout the year. There are significant flying events about monthly between May and October, ranging from daytime full airshows to evening proms and additional smaller events.

Royal Jordanian Falcons (4 x Extra 300LX)
DH9 Cancelled
Republic P-47 ThunderboltRepublic P47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie'
Boeing B-17G 'Sally B'
Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (G-ROBT)
Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (R4118)
Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (G-HRLI)
Hawker Hurricane P3717 (Old Warden based)
Hawker Hurricane (BBMF)(Withdrawn - technical problem)
Hawker Hurricane (BBMF)
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1b (Old Warden based)
Hawker Hurricane (G-HURI)
BE2e (static only)
Blackburn B2 (Old Warden based)
Hawker Demon (Old Warden based) (no longer listed)
PO2 (Old Warden based)
Bristol Scout (Old Warden based)
Avro 504K (Matt Boddington)
Avro 504K (Tom Harris)
Avro 504K (Old Warden Resident)
Tiger Moth (Old Warden Resident
Avro Tutor (Old Warden Resident)
Eon Primary Glider (Old Warden Resident)
Fauvel Glider (Old Warden Resident)
Gloster Gladiator (Old Warden Resident)
Piston Provost (Old Warden Resident)
Chipmunk (Old Warden Resident)
Bristol M1C (Old Warden Resident)
Sopwith Triplane (Old Warden Resident)
Sopwith Camel (Old Warden Resident)
Westland Lysander (Old Warden Resident)
Bristol Boxkite (Old Warden Resident)
Avro Triplane replica G-ARSG (Shuttleworth Collection)
Deperdussin (Old Warden Resident)
Blackburn Monoplane (Old Warden Resident)
Spitfire MkVc G-AWIISupermarine Spitfire Mk Vc G-AWII 'AR501' (Shuttleworth Collection)
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints

Military Pageant Airshow

1st July 2018

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a

The Military Pageant recognised the past and present contribution of our Armed Forces, through air and ground displays.

Also live music and military vehicles, both on display and in a parade.

At the end of the flying display there was a poignant moment when the Bristol Fighter flew over and dropped poppies, whilst the crowd remained silent to pay their respects to those who did not return.

Aircraft originally listed to fly
Republic P-47 ThunderboltRepublic P-47D Thunderbolt
Avro Lancaster
Bremont Great War Display Team
Schneider Grunau Baby
Fokker Dr1 Triplane
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e
Radar Kite
Nieuport 17
From the Shuttleworth Collection
Supermarine Spitfire Vc
Westland Lysander
Hawker Demon
Avro 504K
Bristol F2B Fighter
Percival Piston Provost T.1
Sopwith Pup (if serviceable)
Sopwith Triplane
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Dove
Avro C19 Anson
Blackburn B2
Bristol M1C
Bristol Scout
DH82a Tiger Moth
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 ‘P3717’
Avro Triplane IV
Bristol Boxkite
Blackburn Monoplane Type ‘D’

Military Pageant Airshow 2016



The Military Pageant was dedicated to recognising the contribution of our Armed Forces – past and present. It was originally intended to be a Hawker fiesta, with six Hawker Hurricanes. However, all things change and the theme became a more general celebration of military aircraft, with an emphasis on the historic collection looked after by, and displayed at, Old Warden.

As well as an impressive gathering of military aircraft there were visiting military vehicles, including WWI steam engine ‘Gigantic’ in WW1 Ministry of War livery  and a replica 8” Howitzer Gun.

Flying schedule   (tap / hover over icon for more detail)
Hawker Hurricane MkX11a (HAC/Guy Black)
Hawker Hurricane R4118
Hawker Sea Hurricane
Hawker Tomtit (Shuttleworth)
Hawker Demon (privately owned but based at Old Warden)
Lysander (Shuttleworth)
P-51D 'Tall in the Saddle' (Hangar 11/Peter Teichman)
Spitfire Mk1 (IWM)
Spitfire Mk1Xb 'MH434' (OFMC)
Spitfire MkVb (HAC/Guy Black)
Gloster Gladiator (Shuttleworth)
Yak 3 Yak 3 (Mark Davy)
Buchon (John Romain)
B-17G 'Sally B'
Fieseler Storch
Eon Primary
De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth
Avro Tutor
Miles Magister (PH)
Miles Magister
Blackburn B2
Bristol F2.b
Sopwith Pup
Avro 504K
Bristol Boxkite
Avro Triplane
Bristol M1C
Previously announced but withdrawn before the show
Avro Lancaster (BBMF) (Flypast) not serviceable
Spitfire MkX1 'PL965' (Hangar 11/Peter Teichman)


Local area

Getting to the Show

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Shuttleworth's Old Warden Aerodrome is about two miles to the west of the A1 near Biggleswade. It is about 20 miles from junction 13 of the M1 and from the south it is about 30 miles from Junction 23 of the M25. It is signposted from the A1 at Biggleswade. The Post Code (for sat nav) is SG18 9EP but, as with all shows, ignore the sat nav in favour of local show signs as soon as you see them.

By coach

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By Train

There is a train station at nearby Biggleswade, which is about 40 minutes from London Kings Cross and about 30 minutes from Peterborough. There is no bus service from the station to the aerodrome but there is a taxi rank close to the station.

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Weather for the show area

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2019 Show Basics

7th July 2019

Airshow links

Show's web site



+44 (0)1767 627 927


On the gate: £35
In advance until 09.00 on 1st July: £25,
In advance afterwards, until 18.00 on 6th July: £30
SVAS members £20
Up to 4 under 16s free with each paying adult


Gates open 09.00, close at 18.00
Flying from around 14.00


Sat Nav SG18 9EP
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Photos taken at Old Warden Aerodrome