Shuttleworth Flying Festival of Britain 2021

Replaced the Fly Navy airshow at Old Warden

Flying Festival of Britain

June 6th 2021


The very popular ‘Fly Navy’ short series of airshows surrendered its Shuttleworth June slot to a new ‘Flying Festival’ celebrating all aspects of flying from warbirds to vintage aircraft. A similar format, now entitled Flying Festival of Britain, is retained for 2021.

The show will be a celebration of innovation and remembering the 1951 Festival of Britain when the Shuttleworth Collection’s Comet was suspended from the ceiling in honour of its record-breaking role.

2021 Drive-in and Pedestrian Format

New arrangements will enable pedestrians, others without a car and small groups to attend shows at Old Warden.

Groups will be able to choose between a 5Mx5M car or family box (£10); a 2.5M x 5M box for up to two people, who may also have cycles or motorcycles (£5); and a 4.5M×8M box for larger vehicles (£20).

Everyone also needs an airshow ticket.

Full details are on the show's web page.

Aircraft are listed on the show's web page
Display aircraft include
Red Arrows (Flypast only)
Supermarine Spitfire (BBMF) (Flypast only)
British Aerospace Jetstream (Cranfield University)
Beagle Pup Prototype (Beagle Pup Prototype Club)
Hawker Hurricane I (Bygone Aviation)
Global Stars Display Team
de Havilland Rapide (Philip Meeson)
Scottish Aviation Bulldog (John Hurrell)
Auster AOP6 (Kevin Hale)
Auster Autocrat (Richard Saw)
Slingsby Petrel (Graham Saw)
Slingsby Kirby Kite (David Underwood)
and over 20 Shuttleworth Collection aircraft
See the show's web page for details

Flying Festival

June 2nd 2019


The very popular ‘Fly Navy’ short series of airshows surrenders its Shuttleworth June slot to a new ‘Flying Festival’ celebrating all aspects of flying from warbirds to vintage aircraft.

The new formula provides scope for a wider range of aircraft to be displayed. The Red Arrows are the headline display but equally popular with enthusiasts will be the last-minute announcement that nine of the Dakotas taking part in Daks over Normandy will be on static dispay at the show and some will fly out afterwards.

Some other resident and visiting aircraft are in the table. The show's latest list is on their web site here.

DC3 / C47 on static display
Six of these nine will be part of ‘Aircraft Uncovered’ from 10.00-12.00. They will be leaving on Sunday (not in formation)
C-47A-40-DL Skytrain 42-24064 'Placid Lassie' N74589
C-47-DL Skytrain 42-32833 Legend Airways ‘Liberty’– N25641
C-47B-5-DK 43-48608 'Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber' N47SJ
C-47A-30-DL 42-23669/FD879 'Flabob Express' N103NA
C-47B-1-DL 43-16340 'Pan Am' N877MG
C-47A-15-DK 42-92847 'That’s All, Brother' N47TB
C-47-DL 41-18401 '101st Airborne Tribute' N150D
C-47A-60-DL 43-30647 'Virginia Ann' N62CC
DC-3-201 N18121 (Rare, original DC-3A)
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints
Due to fly
Red Arrows
Bristol Blenheim G-BPIV (ARC)
Fairchild Argus
Supermarine Spitfire (BBMF)

Gazelle Helicopter(s)
Westland Wasp
Stinson Reliant
Piper L-4J Grasshopper
Jungmann (Anna Walker)
Percival Mew Gull DB
Morane-Saulnier MS.315
North American T-6 Texan
Fairchild Argus
Piper Cub
DeHavilland Chipmunk
DH 88 Comet *
Percival Mew Gull *
Miles Hawk Speed Six *
Percival Provost *
DH51 ‘Miss Kenya’ *
DH60 Cirrus Moth *
DH 60X Hermes Moth *
Gloster Gladiator *
Sopwith Pup *
Sopwith Camel *
Sopwith Triplane *
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B *
Piper Cub *
Westland Lysander *
Avro Anson in RAF Coningsby coloursAvro C19 Anson *
Spitfire MkVc G-AWIISupermarine Spitfire Mk Vc G-AWII 'AR501' *
* Old Warden based
Static display
Merlin Helicopter
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints

Fly Navy

3rd June 2018
Bristol Scout

Bristol Scout

Fly Navy was one of the best shows anywhere in 2016. In 2017 the weather and cancellations reduced its popularity. Fly Navy was back in 2018 and enjoyed a repeat of the 2016 excellence.

As its name suggests, the show has a naval theme, so visitors enjoyed a wide range of aircraft, all with naval links. Unfortunately, some of the high profile displays were withdrawn since the original (provisional) list was published (see greyed-out items in the table) but the Collection's Spitfire Mk Vc did fly, solo and with the resident Sea Hurricane, in addition to the aircraft originally listed, including the weather-dependent Edwardians. For the third Old Warden show in a row, the Lancaster made what was billed as a flypast but which, in the event, became a triple circuit with lots of topside in wonderful evening light.

About Old Warden

This is a relatively small venue, where flying feels closer to the crowd than in some bigger airfields, even since the change in the regulations. The venue also has a mansion, Shuttleworth House, which is usually open to visitors for at least part of airshow days, park-like gardens (Swiss garden) and huge children's outdoor play area.

Old Warden is home to the Shuttleworth Collection of planes from both world wars and earlier, including original pioneering aircraft such as the Bleriot (identical to the one that made the first crossing of the English Channel). There are around 40 airworthy planes in eight hangars.

The collection is on static display most days throughout the year. There are significant flying events about monthly between May and October, ranging from daytime full airshows to evening proms and additional smaller events.

Visiting Aircraft
Sea Fury T-20Hawker Sea Fury T.20 (Navy Wings)
(Sea) Fury FB.11
Fairey Swordfish W5856 (Navy Wings)
Supermarine Seafire Mk17 (cancelled)
Consolidated PBY Catalina
Westland Wasp
de Havilland Dragon Rapide
Hawker Nimrod Mk2
Hawker Nimrod Mk.I (cancelled)
Stinson Reliant (cancelled, now static)
AT 6D Texan
Gazelle x2
Bristol Scout
Grumman F4F Wildcat
Vought F4U Corsair
Grumman F8F Bearcat (cancelled)
Douglas AD4 Skyraider (cancelled)
Grumman Avenger (cancelled)
BBMF Lancaster (Flypast)
Morane-SaulnierMorane Saulnier

Resident Aircraft.

Spitfire MkVc G-AWIISpitfire Mk Vc
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B
Avro Anson in RAF Coningsby coloursAvro C19 Anson
Hawker Demon
DH82a Tiger Moth
Miles MagisterMiles Magister
DH60 Cirrus Moth
Westland Lysander
Gladiator (no longer listed)
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplane
Bristol F2B Fighter
Avro Triplane IV
Blackburn Monoplane Type ‘D’
Additionally the following are due to be on static display, but are not flying during the show
Avro 504K
Stinson Reliant
'cancelled' means relative to the original provisional list.

Fly Navy 2017

June 4th 2017
Sea Hurricane

Sea Hurricane

The organisers were no doubt hoping to repeat the success of the 2016 Fly Navy show at Old Warden, which was greeted with much deserved acclaim. Unfortunately, when they reprised Fly Navy in 2017, it didn't quite go that way.

The 2016 show was always going to be a hard act to follow. Although the rich naval aviation heritage was again the theme, and the potential was there, both to repeat and even seek to improve on the previous year's show, things didn't go according to plan.

The biggest disappointment was the Sea Vixen, which was to have been one of the star attractions. However, a wheels-up landing on return to base from the Duxford Air Festival meant that it was no longer able to display. The Swordfish (still in winter maintenance), Kennet's Skyraider and The Fighter Collection's Corsair also fell out of the flying list and Terry Martin's Westland Wasp was an absentee because it has taken longer than originally expected to repair damage following a heavy landing the previous September. The Great War Display Team's Avro 504 replica was also not at the show following an engine problem during the aircraft's display at Abingdon in May.

Westland Wasp

Westland Wasp


Gusty landing for the Seafire

Slingsby kites

Slingsby Kites

Cirrus and Herms Moths

Cirrus and Hermes Moths

As well as the pre-show cancellations and withdrawals, some of the still-listed aircraft did arrive but did not display. The Seafire caught a gusty sidewind as it landed on arrival during the morning of the show. It was due to open the show as a pair with the Sea Hurricane, but the Hurricane ended up doing a solo. The Morane also arrived during the morning but did not fill its display slot and the Gazelle in RN colours became a static, rather than a flying, display.

These withdrawals were not, of course, the fault of the organisers. Perhaps a little more notice could have been given - Terry Martin's Wasp and the Skyraider were still listed very close to the show date, even though there was not much chance either would fly - but the show was the victim, not the cause of the lost displays. To their credit, the team at Old Warden did their best to fill the gaps. There is no replacing the Sea Vixen or the Swordfish and it was also especially sad not to see the Corsair, but there were last minute replacements for lost displays and some of the late additions were amongst the stars of the show.

Two helicopters, the Vietnam-era Huey from MX Jets and CJ Marsden's rarely-seen Westland Wasp 'XT420', made excellent substitutes for the Gazelle and either of the two Wasps originally expected. The two performed very generous pairs and solo displays; especially G-HUEY which remained centre-stage and flexed its muscle for a majority chunk of the pair's allotted time, moving sveltely along the crowdline to offer all an equal chance to appreciate it. As a bonus for helicopter fans the Merlin HM2, which was on static display, could be visited in the Navy Wings area of the showground and a Wildcat flew in during the morning and, whilst not flying a display, could be seen hovering and flying out as well as being available for viewing on the static line-up.

In another bonus, not on the original schedule, the Collection's Cub towed two Slingsby Kite Gliders simultaneously into the air. The Kites then gave a pairs display and landing - all in some very tricky wind conditions. David Bramwell taking his bow by giving a little display in the Cub.

Several Aircraft resident at nearby Duxford paid their near neighbours a visit for the show. As in 2016, two of the favourites were the Wildcat and the Bearcat. Last year the Bearcat, in particular, appeared to test the then-recently-imposed flying line restrictions. This year, with the flying lines back to where they were, the pair clearly enjoyed their new freedom and the intimacy of the venue with a blend of grace and power. The Duxford Nimrod pair, too, were clearly at home offering stunning pairs and solo displays but perhaps the most surprising was Plane Sailing's Duxford-based PBY Catalina. When at Duxford and elsewhere the Catalina always offers the full variety of configurations and angles, yet at the Old Warden venue it seemed able to offer even more, ending with a low pass to beat all low passes along the entire display line.

Flying schedule (tap / hover over icon for more detail)
Westland Wasp
Hawker Fury
Hawker Nimrod Mk2: Historic Aircraft Collection
Hawker Nimrod Mk 1: The Fighter Collection
Bristol Scout
Grumman Wildcat
Grumman Bearcat
Chipmunk: Navy Wings
T6 Texan
Avro Anson: Shuttleworth Collection
Avro Tutor: Shuttleworth Collection
Bristol F2b: Shuttleworth Collection
De Havilland DH60 Cirrus Moth: Shuttleworth Collection
De Havilland DH60X Hermes Moth G-EBWD: Shuttleworth Collection
Hawker Demon: Shuttleworth Collection
Hawker Sea Hurricane: Shuttleworth Collection
Sopwith Pup: Shuttleworth Collection
Sopwith Triplane: Shuttleworth Collection
Tiger Moth: Shuttleworth Collection
Westland Lysander: Shuttleworth Collection
Slingsby Kite (x2) (Late addition)
Cancelled of withdrawn
Sea Vixen (unserviceable following wheels-up landing 27th May)
Swordfish (unserviceable for the whole of 2017 season)
Goodyear Corsair
Morane MS317 (Flew in but did not display)
Westland Wasp (Terry Martin). Repairs not completed following heavy landing in 2016
Supermarine Seafire LF3
Miles Magister Miles Magister: Shuttleworth Collection
Gazelle (RN colours)
Dragon Rapide
Avro 504K (Replica). Engine problem at Abingdon
Chipmunk: Shuttleworth Collection
Bristol Boxkite: Shuttleworth Collection (Too gusty for the Edwardians)
Additionally, the Shuttleworth Collection and most visiting aircraft involved in the flying were on static display, as well as Merlin, Wildcat and Gazelle helicopters
All appearances are subject to technical, weather and other constraints

It was a pity, really, that these displays by the Wildcat, Bearcat and Catalina; the outstanding display by the Bristol Scout and the generous 'flypast' by the BBMF's Spitfire P7350 and Hurricane LF363 were so late in the day. The BBMF's arrival had been delayed by weather elsewhere, but the other displays were scheduled for towards the end of the day when the light had all but failed and rain was threatening. By that time many in the crowd had left so the pilots will have been greeted by trail of car stop lights. Had the weather been better the lateness of the displays would not have mattered, but the combination of cloud, chill and the late hour meant that many missed what was arguably one of the best sessions of the day.

As always at Old Warden, there was some excellent combination flying. A 'trainers' session brought together the RN Chipmunk flown by Lt Cdr Gotke with the Tiger Moth and Avro Tutor, although not the originally-intended Magister: the Duxford Nimrods flew with the Demon and Shuttleworth's Hermes Moth was a late addition to the programme, flying with the Collection's Cirrus Moth. At the end of the day there was an attempted grand finale. It was a brave attempt in the gloom of the early evening but it came to a premature end when the Collection's Gloster Gladiator lost engine power in a cloud of dark smoke and slid behind the trees. Thankfully it came to the ground safely and the watching crowd were reassured that both the aircraft and the pilot were fine.

Fly Navy 2016 was a triumph in glorious sunshine. Fly Navy 2017 suffered disproportionately from cancellations, aggravated by unfortunate weather. The notion of a navy-oriented airshow, away from the obvious naval bases, remains sound and the potential for future years is real enough. The Sea Vixen will not be airworthy in time for a 2018 show but Navy Wings itself is very supportive and may have more to offer next year including the Swordfish and Sea Fury - both of which should be flying by then - and the Stinson. Add some more naval rotaries, possibly including a trio of Wasps a couple of RN-liveried Gazelles alongside the WW2 stalwarts and there is the beginning of an attractive display line-up. The Collection does change its outlook regularly so the wobbly outcome of Fly Navy 2017 may encourage thoughts of different themes for 2018. We think there is still potential for an exciting Fly Navy 2018. Who knows, the sun may even shine again.

On the ground, vintage vehicles were on view and paraded along the crowdline and there was excellent live music from the Umbrella Big Band. A regular feature of Shuttleworth shows, youngsters of all ages had the chance to make and paint Airfix kits and there were the usual opportunities to visit Shuttleworth House and the Swiss Gardens and to ride in one of two vintage buses. Altogether, a fine family day out, but not quite up to the comparable show last year, which, in the view of many, was the best show of that season.

Fly Navy 2016

Contender for the Best Show of the Season

Sea Hurricane

Bristol Scout at Fly Navy 2016

Naval aviation heritage was the theme for the June airshow at the Shuttleworth Collection's Old Warden Aerodrome, when the programme featured aircraft with a naval connection dating from the early 1900s through to the 1960s.

The return of the Sea Vixen was one of the highlights of the event, generally regarded as one of the best shows at Old Warden and possibly one of the best anywhere for a very long time.

The Sea Vixen opened the show but, as always, it was also good to see the the Mk III Seafire joined by the Shuttleworth Collection's sole surviving Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B. Other highlights amongst the visitors included a return of the Bristol Scout, Terry Martin's Wasp and Guy Martin's Hawker Nimrod, flying with the Collection's Nimrod and Demon.

Gems from the local collection included their Sopwith Pup, Westland Lysander, Gloster Gladiator although the breeze didn't allow the Edwardians to fly.

Flying schedule   (tap / hover over icon for more detail)
Sea Vixen
Fairey Swordfish (RNHF)
Bristol Scout (David Bremner)
Westland Wasp (Terry Martin)
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B (Shuttleworth Collection)
Seafire MkIII PP972 (Air Leasing: Richard Grace)
Grumman FM2 Wildcat (The Fighter Collection)
Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat (The Fighter Collection)
Goodyear FG-1D Corsair (The Fighter Collection)
Hawker Nimrod Mk2 K3661 (Historic Aircraft Collection)
Hawker Nimrod Mk1 (The Fighter Collection)
Harvard (Texan) T6 (Kennet Aviation)
  Morane Saulnier MS317 (Tony Whitehead)
BBMF Hurricane and Spitfire (Flypasts)
Sopwith Pup (Shuttleworth Collection)
Westland Lysander (Shuttleworth Collection)
Gloster Gladiator (Shuttleworth)
  Gloster Gladiator (The Fighter Collection) (did not fly)
Chipmunk (RNHF)
Tiger Moth (Shuttleworth Collection)
Miles Magister (Shuttleworth Collection)
Avro Tutor (Shuttleworth Collection)
Avro Anson (Shuttleworth Collection)
Rapide (Shuttleworth Collection)
DH60 (Shuttleworth Collection)
Hawker Demon (Shuttleworth Collection)
Avro 504K (Shuttleworth Collection)
Avro Triplane (Shuttleworth Collection) *
Bristol Boxkite (Shuttleworth Collection) *
Blackburn Monoplane (Shuttleworth Collection) *
Deperdussin (Shuttleworth Collection) *
Previously listed but cancelled before the show
Seafire MkXVII
Additionally, the Shuttleworth Collection's and most visiting aircraft involved in the flying were on static display, plus:

On the ground a Hillman Minx and Railton were amongst the vehicles on view and on parade along the crowdline.

The young at heart, of all ages, had a chance to 'make and paint', absolutely free, with Airfix & IPMS Brampton.


Local area

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Shuttleworth's Old Warden Aerodrome is about two miles to the west of the A1 near Biggleswade. It is about 20 miles from junction 13 of the M1 and from the south it is about 30 miles from Junction 23 of the M25. It is signposted from the A1 at Biggleswade.

The Post Code (for sat nav) is SG18 9EP but, as with all shows, ignore the sat nav in favour of local show signs as soon as you see them.

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There are three Premier Inn hotels in Bedford, another two in St Neots and more in in Hitchen and Letchworth, all roughly 10 miles away.

The International Hotels Group have a Holiday Inn Express in Bedford about 6 miles away and another in Stevenage, about 14 miles from the show.

Travelodge have three hotels around Bedford, between six and eight miles from Old Warden and two more within ten miles.

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2021 Show Basics

June 6th



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+44 (0)1767 627 927

Probable Times
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Gates open 09.00, close at 18.00
Flying from around 14.00


Sat Nav SG18 9EP
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Photos taken at Old Warden