British Airshow News Headlines


RAF Tucano and Tutor displays in 2019

The RAF will display the Grob Tutor and Short Tucano at British Airshows in 2019. The Tucano will be from 72 Squadron and the Tutor pilot will be Flt Lt Neil "Ski" Owczarkowski.


Catalina UK displays 2019

The first UK displays by the Catalina have been announced. They are at the Shuttleworth Season Premiere, Duxford Air Festival, Wales Airshow and Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow.


US Display Teams

The major US and Canadian display teams have announced their display schedules for 2019. No UK airshow dates have been included.


Abingdon Update

Aerosuperbatics WingWalkers 3 aircraft formation, The Fireflies and the Republic P47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie' will be in the flying and static displays. There will also be Twin Squirrel helicopter flights and Axceler-8 Hovercraft Rides.


Skyraider to fly in 2019

Kennet Aviation will oversee the restoration of PR Spitfire AA810, which may be flying by 2023. They also hope to display their AD-4A Skyraider and Seafire Mk.XVII in 2019.



Dunsfold 2019 Date

Dunsfold Wings and Wheels will move from its traditional August date to June 15th and 16th in 2019


No Couteau Delta in 2019

The two Mirage jets of the Couteau Delta will be missing from the display circuit in 2019.


Lithuania at Yeovilton

A Lithuanian Air Force Aero L-39C will make its UK flying display debut at the Royal Navy International Air Day on 13th July. Their C-27J Spartan and Mi-8UTV Hip will be on static display.


Duxford Airshow dates

The Duxford Air Festival will be on 25th & 26th May 2019. The Battle of Britain Airshow will be on 21st & 22nd September. Flying Legends is on 13th & 14th July.

Four Hurricanes


Flying Legends 2019

Flying Legends will be on 13th & 14th July 2019


Kircaldy Airshow latest

The organisers have expressed a preference for 31st August as a date for a possible Kircaldy Airshow


RIAT Tickets

Saturday Super Earlybird tickets for RIAT have sold out. Super Earlybird are still available for Friday and Sunday.


Torbay Airshow will go ahead

DevonLive is reporting that the Council has made a commitment to the Torbay Airshow, which will definitely go ahead, but it still needs financial help.


Messerschmitt Bf-108 joining UK circuit

Shoot Aviation have announced that their Messerschmitt Bf108 has been repaired, modified and registered as G-OTME and will fly in the 2019 display season. They already have a similar aircraft, G-ETME.


Rhyl Air Show 2019

The Rhyl Airshow 2019 will be on 24th & 25th August.

Red Arrows


New Red Arrows

Four pilots will join the Red Arrows for the 2019 season. They are Flight Lieutenants Damo Green (Red 2), David Simmonds (Red 3) and Gregor Ogston (Red 4), who are joining the Red Arrows for the first time, and Squadron Leader Steve Morris (Red 5) who returns for his second tour.

new Red Arrows 2019



Mike Ling joins the Blades

Mike Ling, ex-Red 10, was due to join the Blades last year but reverted to the Red Arrows to substitute for Red 3 throughout the 2018 season. His delayed membership of the Blades really has now begun.


NA-64 Yale for Abingdon

A rare North American NA-64 Yale will be in the flying and the static displays at the Abingdon Air and Country Show on May 5th.


New Typhoon Display Pilot

Flt Lt Jim Peterson has handed over to Flt Lt Nick Callinswood, the new Typhoon display pilot for the 2019 season.

Typhoon Display Pilots
Photo: RAF


Red Arrows Pilots

Four Red Arrows pilots have retired from the team including Squadron Leader Mike Ling, the longest-serving Red Arrows pilot, who completed 10 seasons as pilot or supervisor, made 2,585 flights, flew 699 displays and has flown the Red Hawk in 46 countries.

Mike Ling
Photo: RAF


Southport Airshow dates

The Southport Airshow 2019 will be on 6th - 8th September



Shuttleworth House closed on Race Day

Shuttleworth House will not be open to the public on October 7th, the day of the Season Finale. The vintage buses will still be running and will make a round trip to the house and back.


Great Yarmouth Airshow

The organisers are considering a series of air displays rather than one big airshow for 2019.


Kirkcaldy Airshow?

The Scottish International Airshow may move to Kirkcaldy for 2019


RIAT tickets available

Super early bird tickets for RIAT available now. £47 any one day.


Abatros DVa in UK

The World War One Aircraft Heritage Trust (WAHT) has brought an Albatros DVa back to the UK. It has been at Old Warden since Wednesday 19th September.


Newly-restored Mk 1 Hurricane

Mk 1 Hurricane V7497, recently restored by Hawker Restorations Ltd., is now at ARC in Duxford.


Bournemouth Air Festival 2019

Bournemouth's Airshow next year will be on 29th August - 1st September



Biggin Hill updates

The Typhoon will perform a flypast on each of the two days. There will be no other jets at the Biggin Hill FoF. A provisional timetable has been published.


The Shark for Jersey

Norwegian Spitfire Foundation's Mustang 'The Shark' has been added to the flying displays at the Jersey International Air Display


Jetsuit Pilots at Bournemouth

Two pilots in personal jetsuits from Gravity will be flying at the Bournemouth Air Festival. One pilot has been seen at Goodwood Festival of Speed and Farnborough International Airshow.

Defy Gravity



Little and Large at Biggin Hill

G-Force Aeros, The full-size and model Extras flying together, will return to the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight this year.

G-Gorce Extras duo


Fireflies and Twisters at Bournemouth

The Fireflies and the Twisters will perform a joint display at Bournemouth.


Whirlwind at Dunsfold

The Westland Whirlwind is amongst the latest additions to the flying list at Dunsfold Wings 'n Wheels. The full list is on their web site.


Sunderland Programme

The full programme for the three days of the Sunderland International Airshow is on their web site.


Duxford Battle of Britain

The flying list for the Battle of Britain Airshow has been released. It is on the show's web site


Flying Legends

Spitfires G-BUOS and G-IBSY are the latest additions to the display aircraft. 15 Spitfires are now due to fly: 51 aircraft in total.


Wales Airshow 2019

The Wales Airshow will be held in Swansea Bay on 6th and 7th July next year.


Flying Display Changes
  • RIAT
    Romanian participation cancelled following the Tragic accident involving the MiG-21
  • RIAT (all static additions):
    Kawasaki C-2 (Japanese Air Self-Defence Force)
    F-16 (Belgian Air Component)
    CN235 (Irish Air Corps)
    C-130E Hercules (Polish Air Force)
    PA-28 Cherokee (RAF Flying Clubs' Association)
  • Flying Legends (flying):
    Spitfire Mk Vc G-LFVC (Comanche Fighters)
    Vought Corsair F4U-5N (AJBS Les Casques de Cuir)
  • Yeovilton:
    C-27J Spartan (Lithuanian Air Force) (Static - added)
    KDC-10(Royal Netherlands Air Force) (Static - CANCELLED)
  • Eastbourne:
    Belgian A109 added
  • Festival of Speed:
    Typhoon cancelled Thurs & Fri
  • Jersey:
    Sea Fury T20 (Navy Wings) added


Eastbourne's Airbourne

The full flying line-up for Airbourne has been announced. See it on their web site and on ours.


Astronaut for RIAT

Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden, who made the first spacewalk in deep space, will be at the Air Tattoo this year. See him in the Techno Zone.

Al Worden



Flying Display Changes
  • Southport:
    Avro Anson added (Sun only)
  • Wales International:
    Catalina cancelled, replaced by Mustang 'Tall in the Saddle'.
  • Flying Legends:
    Fourth Buchon added
    Lancaster confirmed by show (Sunday only)
  • RIAT (static):
    Airbus Helicopters H125 (QonetiQ)
    Grob 120TP (QinetiQ)
    E-6B Mercury (US Navy)
    P-8A Poseidon (US Navy)


Breitling Jet Team at Bournemouth

The Breitling Jet Team, the world’s largest professional civilian flight team flying jets, are due to perform three daytime displays and one dusk display at the Bournemouth Air Festival. These are the only displays the team are currently due to perform in the UK in 2018.


Drone to fly 4,000 miles to RIAT

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems’ MQ-9B SkyGuardian is due to take off from its base in North Dakota for a 4,000 mile journey to land at RAF Fairford on 11th June in time to become a static display at RIAT. It will be the first civilian-registered Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) to make a transatlantic flight and land in the UK.

Sky Guardian


Another static for Yeovilton Air Day

A former Royal Navy Search and Rescue Sea King HU5, now operated by HeliOperations, has been added to the static displays at Yeovilton Air Day

Sea King HU5


P-36C withdrawn from Legends

The Curtiss-Wright P-36C, G-CIXJ, has been withdrawn from the flying displays at Flying Legends


Old Bucks

Aerobatic Tactics: Boeing Stearman and Wingwalker, has been added to the flying displays at the Old Buckenham Airshow


Fireflies Schedule

The Fireflies have announced their schedule of daytime and twilight displays. The schedule is on the Fireflies web site.


Berlin Express

North American P-51B Mustang 'Berlin Express' has been withdrawn from Flying Legends


Abingdon 2019

The 2019 Abingdon Air and Country Show will be on 5th May


Airshow Display Updates

The following displays have been added since 11th June (flying unless stated)

  • Biggin Hill FoF:
    Haker Fury FB.11
  • Yeovilton:
    Meteor T7 x 2 (Martin-Baker) (static)
  • Southport:
    Bristol Blenheim
    Typhoon (was on original Typhoon schedule, then removed, now returned. Sunday only)
  • Old Bucks:
    Bremont Great War Display Team
  • Flying Legends:
    Bücker Jungmann G-BSAJ (Skytricks)
    Supermarine Spitfire TR9 G-CTIX (ARC)
  • Biggin Hill FoF:
    Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers
  • RIAT:
    ATL2 (AKA Atlantique 2) (French Navy) (previously static)
    Pilatus PC-9M (Slovenian Air Force)
    Su-27P 'Flanker' (Ukraine Air Force)
    Su-27UB 'Flanker' (twin seat) (Ukraine Air Force) (static)
    IL-76MD 'Candid' Transport (Ukraine Air Force) (static)
    C-130K Hercules (Austrian Air Force)(static)
    Tecnam P2002 (static)
    Ikarus C42 x2 (static)
    Diamond DA20 (static)
    Gnat T.1 (static)
    OV-10B Bronco (static)
    SC-7 Skyvan (static)
    Hawker Fury (static)
    Royal Aircraft Factory Be-2 (static)
    Avro Tutor (static)
    Spitfire Mk.Vc (static)
    Avro Anson (static)
    Pembroke C Mk.1 (static)
    TB-20 Trinidad (static)
    RUAG Do-228 (static)
    Hawk T.2 (RAF) (static)
    Grob Prefect (RAF) (static)
    C-130H (Jordan) (static)
    Pilatus PC-9M 'Swift' (Slovenian Air Force) (static)
    L410UVP (Slovenian Air Force) (static)
    HC-130P/N (USAF) (static)


Cosford 2019

The RAF Cosford Air Show 2019 will be on June 9th. See our review of the 2018 RAF Cosford Air Show.



Seafire for sale

Air Leasing's Seafire is for sale.



Mike Ling was Red 3 for 2018

Mike Ling, longest serving Red Arrows pilot and long-time Red 10, returned to the Red Arrows, taking the Red 3 position, for the 2018 season, substituting for the injured Flt Lt David Stark. Mike's membership of The Blades has been deferred until 2019.

Red Arrows


Miss Velma back at Legends

Mustang 'Miss Velma', which was damaged in an emergency landing in a nearby field when the engine cut out at Flying Legends 2017, will be back at Flying Legends this year.

Miss Velma



Teignmouth & Dawlish Airshow

Plans mooted several months ago for a 2-day, 2-venue Teignmouth and Dawlish Airshow have been deferred until 2019 because time has run out to get the show off the ground this year. Hopes are high for an inaugural show next year.


No Northumberland Wings & Wheels 2018

There will be no Northumberland Wings & Wheels in 2018 but the organisers hope to bring it back in 2019.


Classic Formation added to Flying Legends

The Classic Formation, comprising a DC3 and 3 Beech 18s have been added to the Flying Legends display schedule


Red Arrows Tragedy

There is official confirmation that, in an accident involving a Red Arrows Hawk T1 shortly after take-off from RAF Valley, North Wales, at around 13.50 on 20th March the pilot, Flt Lt David Stark, ejected sustaining injuries but the engineer, Corporal Jonathan Bayliss, who was the passenger, did not survive. RIP, Sir.

Corporal Jonathan Bayliss


Spitfire AR501 has flown

Mk V Spitfire AR501 was flown for the first time today since undergoing renovation at Old Warden. Stu Goldspink was the pilot for the 15 minute flight.


Berlin Express back at Legends

P-51B Mustang ‘Berlin Express’, which was flown over from the USA for Flying Legends 2017 but lost its canopy on the Saturday, is back in the flying displays for 2018

Berlin Express


Moonbeam McSwine off to USA

The French Mustang F-AZXS is going to a new owner in the USA. Although based in France, Moonbeam McSwine was seen at UK airshows. This picture is from Flying Legends 2015.

Moonbeam McSwine


Sunken Wartime Aircraft found

USS Lexington and several warbirds have been discovered by Paul Allen Expeditions about 2 miles below the Coral Sea near Australia. So far, 11 of the 35 planes on board have been found. There are photos on The Aerospace Geek's Facebook page.


Retrotec to build People's Mosquito

The building and testing of 'The People's Mosquito', a de Havilland Mosquito FB.Vl, has been entrusted to Retrotec Ltd.


Hurribomber to 2-seater

Ex-Hangar 11's 'Hurribomber' BE505 "Pegs" is to be converted into a 2-seater Hurricane by Hawker Restorations, with the prospect that passengers will one day be able to buy flights.

Hurricane BE505



Straight-wing ex-military jet aerobatics ban to end

The ban on straight-wing ex-military jets performing aerobatic manoeuvres will end when the CAA issues a revised safety notice on 28th February. The ban on aerobatics by swept-wing jets will remain in place.

Strikemaster and Jet provost



Ferocious Frankie now in Turkey

This North American P-51D Mustang, until recently operated by the Old Flying Machine Company and based at Duxford alongside their Spitfire MH434, has been sold and now belongs to a private owner in Turkey.

Ferocious Frankie with Spitfire MH434


Hurricane Mk llB BE505 new owner

The 'Hurribomber' previously owned by Peter Teichman (Hangar 11) was sold just before Christmas.
It has now been registered by Hawker Restorations Ltd., based in Ipswich, the company that owned it prior to Hangar 11 and that restored it. There had been fears that the Hurribomber would go abroad.



 December 2017

Radial & Trainer Fly-in

The event was to have been held at Compton Abbas on May 12-13, but will not now be held there. The organisers are looking for a new venue and the date may also change.


No Scottish International Airshow in 2019

The local authority have withdrawn funding for the 2019 Scottish International Airshow, Ayr. The 2018 show will go ahead and the 2020 show will be OK as long as the organisers meet some Council demands, according to a newspaper report.


Thunderbirds Leader

Lt. Col. Kevin "Lowen" Walsh is the new leader of the Thunderbirds, replacing Lt Col Jason Heard, who was "relieved of duty".


 November 2017

Albatros for the UK?

In September 2016, on its return from France, the Albatros DVa made an unplanned landing and ended up-side down in a field near Headcorn. It has since been returned to New Zealand where it is undergoing repairs. The Albatros could come back to the UK, with an Se5a, if £15,000 can be raised by the WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust to pay for the transit and reassembly.

See more on their web site.


Hawker Typhoon RB396

The team hoping to restore RB396 to flight have purchased a genuine four blade Typhoon/Tempest spinner, thought to be the only one in the world, and a complete rear empennage, tail unit and rudder. Other items, including a complete anti shimmy tail wheel set up and the tail wheel doors from a Tempest ll, were also purchased.

It is hoped that the build could start in the first half of 2018.

There is more on this project on their own website.


Durham TV Skylive Airshow cancelled

The 2018 Skylive airshow has been cancelled after the airport's owners 'pulled the plug'.

RAF100 Events

Many events will be held throughout the UK in 2018 to mark the centenary of the RAF. There is a map and list on the RAF100 part of the MOD web site.