British Airshow News

Hurricane MkllB BE505 new owner

The 'Hurribomber' previously owned by Peter Teichman (Hangar 11) was sold just before Christmas.
It has now been registered by Hawker Restorations Ltd., based in Ipswich, the company that owned it prior to Hangar 11 and that restored it.
There had been fears that the Hurribomber would go abroad but it now seems possible that we will see it on back on the UK airshow circuit.



No Apache Display in 2018

There will be no AAC Apache display in 2018. Hopefully the display will return in 2019.



Vampires for RIAT

The Norwegian Historic Flight have said that their two Vampires will display at RIAT, in their new RAF livery. The display has not yet been confirmed by RIAT.



RIAT Friday & Saturday Super Earlybird

RIAT Super Earlybird tickets (£45) for Friday and Saturday have sold out. Earlybird tickets are now being sold (£50) for those days. When that quota is exhausted, standard price tickets will be £55.

There were still a few Super Earlybird tickets for Sunday when this was published (date below).


Norwegian Vampires in RAF colours

The Norwegian Historic Flight's Vampires will be painted in RAF markings to celebrate the RAF's centenary when they display at some of the biggest British Airshows. The exact markings are not yet known.


GWDT at RAF Cosford Airshow

The Great War Display Team will be at the RAF Cosford Airshow as part of the 'Policing the Empire' theme

Great War Display Team


Swiss PC-7 and F/A 18 for RIAT

The Swiss Air Force will be sending their PC-7 team, flying 9 Pilatus PC-7s, and their F/A 18C solo jet display to RIAT

Swiss RIAT teams


Flying Bulls 5-ship at Flying Legends

The first flying displays have been announced for Flying Legends and include the Flying Bulls 5-ship. This display has their pair of Alphas in formation with the B-25, Corsair and P-38 Lightning.

Flying Bulls 5-ship formation


Invited to RIAT

Air arms and other operators invited to RIAT 2018 are on the RIAT web site under 'Latest updates'.

All confirmed displays are listed on the RIAT web site under 'confirmed aircraft'.


Radial & Trainer Fly-in

The event was to have been held at Compton Abbas on May 12-13, but will not now be held there. The organisers are looking for a new venue and the date may also change.


Aircraft and RAF Stamps

The Royal Mail will issue a set of 10 stamps in March 2018 to mark the centenary of the RAF. The set will feature aircraft, including the Vulcan, and the Red Arrows.

Vulcan stamp


No Scottish International Airshow in 2019

The local authority have withdrawn funding for the 2019 Scottish International Airshow, Ayr. The 2018 show will go ahead and the 2020 show will be OK as long as the organisers meet some Council demands, according to a newspaper report.


Newcastle Festival of Flight August 11 - 12th

Despite doubts raised earlier in December, it now appears likely that this Northern Ireland show will be stretched to 2 days.


Thunderbirds Leader

Lt. Col. Kevin "Lowen" Walsh is the new leader of the Thunderbirds, replacing Lt Col Jason Heard, who was "relieved of duty".


RCAF CF-18 confirmed for RIAT and Yeovilton

RIAT have confirmed that the Canadian CF-18 Demo Team will display at the show in July 2018 and Yeovilton have confirmed the display on 7th July

Canadian CF-18


RCAF CF-18 Demo Team for RIAT and Yeovilton

Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 displays have been scheduled for RIAT and Yeovilton - but no other US or Canadian displays have been scheduled for the UK in 2018 so far.

Schedules are, however, provisional and there are gaps in the A-10, F-16 and F-22 schedules around the time of RIAT, so appearances of one or more remain possible.

The 2018 CF-18 Demo Team pilot will be Captain Stefan Porteous and his CF-18 Hornet will be painted to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).


New Commander of the Thunderbirds

Lara Seligman, Pentagon Editor for Aviation Week, is reporting that Lt Col Jason Heard, Commander of the Thunderbirds, has been "relieved of duty" because "Brig. Gen. Jeannie Leavitt, 57th Wing Commander, lost confidence in his leadership and risk management style."


RAF100 Paint Scheme

The BAe Avro Anson kept with the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden, and seen below in her traditional livery, will fly next year in a new paint scheme to mark the 100th anniversary of the RAF.

Avro Anson


Moth Rally

The Moth Rally that was to have been held at Old Warden in July has been moved to August 12th.


Albatros for the UK?

In September 2016, on its return from France, the Albatros DVa made an unplanned landing and ended up-side down in a field near Headcorn. It has since been returned to New Zealand where it is undergoing repairs. The Albatros could come back to the UK, with an Se5a, if £15,000 can be raised by the WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust to pay for the transit and reassembly.

See more on their web site.


Messerschmitt for sale

Platinum Fighter Sales are selling a 1944 Messerschmitt BF-109-G6 'Black 8', currently based in Germany. The asking price is €4,950,000.

Airlander Incident

The Airlander aircraft was involved in an incident at Cardington airfield on Saturday 18th November. The aircraft appears to have broken free from its mooring mast. The operators say that a safety system operates automatically in such circumstances, designed to rip open the hull and deflate the aircraft to minimise the risk of damage to its surroundings. The fuel and helium inside the Airlander have been made safe. For more see their Facebook item, on which this summary is based.


Boeing Stearman for sale

The Duxford-based Aircraft Restoration Company are selling the Boeing A75-N1 Stearman (pictured here at the Duxford Air Show, September 2015)

Boeing Stearman


New Red Arrows Pilots named

The Red Arrows have introduced their 3 new pilots, including the new Red 1.

Red 1

Red 1 Sqn Ldr Martin Pert

Hawker Typhoon RB396

The team hoping to restore RB396 to flight have purchased a genuine four blade Typhoon/Tempest spinner, thought to be the only one in the world, and a complete rear empennage, tail unit and rudder. Other items, including a complete anti shimmy tail wheel set up and the tail wheel doors from a Tempest ll, were also purchased.

It is hoped that the build could start in the first half of 2018.

There is more on this project on their own website.


New UK Typhoon Display pilot

Flt Lt Jim Peterson is the 2018 Typhoon Display Pilot.

Flt Lt Jim Peterson
Durham TV Skylive Airshow cancelled

The 2018 Skylive airshow has been cancelled after the airport's owners 'pulled the plug'.

RAF100 Events

Many events will be held throughout the UK in 2018 to mark the centenary of the RAF. There is a map and list on the RAF100 part of the MOD web site.