Duxford Airshow

IWM Duxford, September 2015

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As it may have been 75 years ago Bristol Blenheim Typhoon and Spitfire Blenheim with Hurricane escort Slingsby Petrel Boeing PT-17 Stearman Chinook Gladiator Mk11 Stampe Hurricane on the tail of Nord 1002 Sally B Jungmann 17 Spitfires on Saturday Comanche Fighters: Spitfire  Mk1a pair Aerostars BBMF Fighters Boeing PT-17 Stearman Chinook Nord 1002 Aerostars Aerostars Blenheim with Hurricane escort Chinook Harvard Calidus Autogyro Harvard AJ841 Wacky Wabbit Hawk 75 and Gladiator Hornet Moth Jungmann Nimrods Mk1 & Mk2 Nord 1002 Sally B Sally B Aerostars Sally B Jungmann Harvard Slingsby Kirby Kite Slingsby Petrel Typhoon and Spitfire Skyful of Spitfires Spitfire SM845 fires up Jungmann Stearman Stampe, Stearman, Jungmann, Moth Three Harvards Yak 50 one of the Aerostars Calidus Autogyro Harvards Hornet Moth