Duxford Airshow September 2013

Aerostars in Yak 52s One of two Spitfire trios Aerostars in Yak 520s B17 Sally B touches down B17 Sally B B17 Sally B Starting up Boeing 747-8F Hispano HA-1112 Buchon cockpit Hispano Buchon and Hawker Hurricane Bucker Jungmann Bucker Jungmann Eurofighter Typhoon Eurofighter Typhoon Eurofighter Typhoon Fennec ready for take-off Grumman Wildcat Patrouille de France First Officer Bill Tolllett in Boeing B17 Sally B Short Tucano Fixing the brakes in the deHavilland Vampire T.55 Vampire pair ready for take-off Vampire pair brave the wet runway Rainbow over the Tucano at the end of the day lightbox jquery html contentby VisualLightBox.com v6.1