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Preview of the 2017 Clacton Airshow and summary of the 2016 show

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Clacton Airshow 2017: Preview

August 24th and 25th
Sally B

Sally B is a regular at Clacton

The Clacton Airshow is one of the longest-running free airshows, celebrating its 26th year in 2017. It is not as big as some other seaside shows but there will be a good mix of military and classic aircraft; exhibition and trade stands, food court and on-site entertainment.

A short evening programme was introduced in 2016 on the first day of the show which, unusually, runs on Thursday and Friday, not at the weekend. However, the evening programme was said to be a 25th anniversary special, so it may not be repeated in 2017.

The displays are to the right of the pier as you face the sea, centred about half-way along Marine Parade West, more or less in front of the children's zoo.

About Clacton

Clacton has an extensive shoreline with a sandy south-facing beach within a gently curving bay. As well as the 360M long pier, several wind turbines provide a backdrop for some of the displays.

Clacton's free two-day seaside airshow has been organised by the local authority, Tendring District Council for 26 years, making it one of the UK's longest running airshows. Unusually, it is not held at a weekend, but on the Thursday and Friday before the August Bank Holiday.

Aircraft booked to fly will be here when known.
All appearances are subject to availability and to technical, weather and other constraints

Clacton Airshow 2016: Review

Sally B

Sally B: the 1st display booked

The Clacton Airshow celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. Although it is not one of the biggest seaside shows, in the absence of airshows at Lowestoft and Southend it was the airshow showcase for Essex.

That pariah of seaside shows, the sea mist, was the scourge of the show on Thursday. The Tigers did make their drop to announce the opening of the 25th anniversary airshow, but even as they displayed the haze started to gather and the offshore wind turbines began to retreat behind a cloak of mist. The Typhoon made an entry and it was evident from the roar that a display was going on, but much of it was obscured by the mist, causing Mark eventually to abbreviate his display. The MiG held off for a while before abandoning. The Dutch B-25 did make some passes, but with the cloud still at around 200ft could not display so both it and the holding Sally B were also unable to entertain the expectant crowds. Similarly, the Fireflies, Bronco, Twisters, Xtreme Air and BBMF Spitfires made assessment passes but could not display.

The afternoon's display dearth was broken by the Red Arrows, who made a valiant attempt to give the crowd what they had come for and completed the formation half of their display. However, visibility was too poor for the synchro pair who, rightly, called time after their first opposition pass from which point part two of the Reds' display was also abandoned.

Deferment of the flying programme for a few hours may have enabled most of the teams to fly, as the mist did eventually clear and the visibility was fine for the welcome and spectacular evening displays.

This was the first time in 25 years that Tendring Council had arranged an evening programme, which was held on Thursday only. The evening flying included the Twister Duo with pyrotechnics; AeroSPARX in their Grob 109 Motor Gliders, flown by Guy Westgate and Tim Dews with LED lights and wing-tip pyrotechnics and Brendan O’Brien’s 'Otto' Schweizer 300C helicopter, spouting fireworks in all directions.

Mercifully, the skies cleared on Friday, enabling a full show; the only interruption being an intruder into the airspace which caused a pause in the Red Arrows' mixture of flat, rolling and full display elements.

The full flying list is in the table and will not be duplicated in text here, but worthy of special note were welcome appearances by Sally B and the MiG-15 jet fighter from the Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight. The MiG-15 was developed for the Soviet Union and was one of the first successful swept-wing jet fighters. It remains in service with the North Korean Air Force as an advanced trainer. Sally B had displayed at the Clacton Airshow in 2015 and made the traditional pass with smoke to honour the fallen. A newspaper misunderstood this and published a story expressing outrage at what it thought was a reference to the tragic incident at Shoreham shortly before. The show organisers were quick to rebook Sally B for the 2016 show. It was good that Sally could complete her display as the definitive response to the inaccurate newspaper report.

2016 has not been a good year for airshow weather. Yet again the good old seaside mist reduced the flying, but what there was will have satisfied those who came for the whole weekend or for the second of the days. Unfortunately, the flying was rather more distant than in earlier years. The new crowd separation distances are measured from the end of the pier as the pier is populated during the displays so this moves them further from the shore, where most of the spectators are congregated. Perhaps it would be better to close the pier and enable the display line to be measured from a point closer to land.

Let's hope the evening display, such a success this year, is repeated in 2017. It adds a great deal to the daytime airshow and must encourage many people to stay locally who might otherwise have attended for one day and returned home by dusk. With or without the evening addition, and whether or not the pier is closed to enable a more favourable display line, this is a small show that needs and deserves support: keeping airshows alive in Essex.

About Clacton

Clacton has an extensive shoreline with a sandy south-facing beach within a gently curving bay. As well as the 360M long pier, several wind turbines provide a backdrop for some of the displays.

Clacton's free two-day seaside airshow has been organised by the local authority, Tendring District Council for 25 years, making it one of the UK's longest running airshows. Unusually, it is not held at a weekend, but on the Thursday and Friday before the August Bank Holiday.

Aircraft booked to fly. All both days unless stated, although most did not fly on Thursday due to low cloud.

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Red Arrows (RAF)
Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF)
Sally B, Boeing B-17G 'Flying Fortress'
B-25 Mitchell 'Sarinah' (Dutch Historic Flight)
BBMF Spitfire, Hurricane
Rockwell OV-10B Bronco
Brendan O'Brien with 'Otto' (Thurs evening only)
Twisters with lights and fireworks (Thurs Evening) also flying both days
AeroSparx with lights and fireworks (Thurs Evening) also flying both days
Vampire pair
XA41 Xtreme Air XA41
 King Air Display Team (RAF) CANCELLED
Lancaster CANCELLED (unscheduled but essential engine replacement)

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August 24th and 25th

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